5-Star MG ZS EV Is Available From Euro NCAP

Starry MG ZS EV from Euro NCAP Available for Sale
5-Star MG ZS EV Is Available From Euro NCAP

Represented by Doğan Trend Automotive in Turkey, the new 100 percent electric model of the British automobile brand MG, ZS EV, was offered for sale at a price of 1.379.000 TL as of March. Proving its safety with 5 stars from Euro NCAP, ZS EV's Luxury version has a panoramic opening glass roof, MG Pilot technological driving support system, wireless phone charging, V2L vehicle-to-vehicle charging feature, carbon fiber-looking front console, sporty red stitched seats and 448 liters of luggage volume are offered as standard. The most striking feature is that the new ZS EV, which stands out with its premium features as standard, can offer a range of up to 591 km in the city. Doğan Trend Automotive Deputy General Manager Tibet Soysal said in a statement; “Thanks to the interest and success shown in MG in our country, we became one of the countries that took an active role in the development of the new ZS EV. We can say that the new ZS EV was developed in line with the feedback of our customers. The new ZS EV sets itself apart from its competitors with its size above its class, 5-star Euro NCAP safety, advanced technology and premium features offered as standard.”

MG ZS EV Cockpit

Tibet Soysal: “ZS EV is the first thing that comes to mind when it comes to electric cars”

Emphasizing the electric range of the new ZS EV, Tibet Soysal said, “The new ZS EV, which is one of the first models that comes to mind when it comes to 100% electric in our country, offers a range of 440 km thanks to its increased capacity. In city use, its range can reach 591 km. We are aware of the high demand for our brand. Our activities in sales and marketing attracted the attention of the brand globally and were effective in prioritizing the Turkish market. This enabled us to request the quantities we want in terms of vehicle availability. In this way, we will be able to provide our customers with the advantage of vehicle delivery without waiting too long.”

“The new ZS EV was developed according to the wishes of the users”

Emphasizing how valuable the ZS EV model is for the MG brand, Doğan Trend Automotive Deputy General Manager Tibet Soysal said, “With the 100 percent electric ZS EV model, we have succeeded in being a pioneer in many areas. For the first time in our country, we broadcast an advertisement for an electric car on television. The ZS EV is the first 5% electric model in its class to receive 100 stars from Euro NCAP. With our Valueguard second-hand value protection program and Wallbox charging station, we have become the brand that brought many innovations to Turkey by offering fast charging solutions to our customers in their own homes. Most importantly, thanks to the interest and achievements shown in MG in our country, we became one of the countries that took an active role in the new ZS EV project. As a result of sharing with the production center by closely following the feedback of our customers, the new ZS EV was developed taking into account our demands. We are proud to see the new ZS EV on the roads, which won many prestigious awards in the countries where it was sold and was selected as the 'Best Electric Family Car of the Year' in the UK.

“A success story in the electric SUV”

ZS, the best-selling model of the brand, has been sold over 70 million in more than 1 countries to date. Winning more than 40 prestigious awards in the countries where it is sold, ZS EV is the "Best Electric Family Car of 448" in the host England, with its SUV body structure, large interior volume, 5 liters of luggage capacity and 2023-star safety from Euro NCAP. was chosen. ZS EV, which hit the roads in June 2021 in our country, became the best-selling electric car in the same month. ZS EV has achieved a very successful sales graphic since the day it went on sale in our country, and has also shown the success of being among the top 5 best-selling electric cars in Turkey. In the first half of 2023, the brand aims to sell more ZS EVs than all electric MG models sold in Turkey so far.


“The new ZS EV charges the previous ZS EV, it has a range of 273 km”

The new ZS EV is getting ready to make a name for itself among electric vehicles thanks to its technology-developing interior design, added new security measures and V2L (Vehicle to Load), a brand new technology for Turkey, that is, vehicle-to-vehicle charging. With the vehicle-to-vehicle charging (V2L) feature of the new ZS EV, which was selected as the “Car of the Year” in the UK and Sweden, it is possible to charge or operate electronic devices, as well as to charge an electric car with this feature. In fact, the new ZS EV stands out with its range of 2021 km after charging the previous ZS EV, which went on sale in 20, from 80 percent to 273 percent. Providing electrical energy in environments where electricity is not available, ZS EV can also be used easily by campers and caravan owners.

“ZS EV with 13 new, 26 enhanced features”

The new ZS EV offers much more with its design, equipment and interior features. The length of the new ZS EV increased by 9 mm to 4323 mm, and its height increased by 5 mm to 1649 mm. Offering a more electric and more premium look, the new ZS EV draws attention with its flat MG logo and body-colored closed grille. The lower grille design, dark headlights, charging cover and front bumper deflector are among other front section innovations. In addition, the "Silverstone" headlights, consisting of 21 LEDs at the front, provide lower energy consumption, have a lifetime exceeding 50.000 hours and provide 144 percent brighter illumination. The new 17-inch bi-colour sporty alloy wheels, with their optimized, wear-resistant structure, are effective in reducing wind noise and contribute to energy consumption. Dark "Phantom" LED tail lights, new rear fog lights and rear bumper deflector are among the innovations in the rear design.

VL Vehicle-to-Vehicle Charging Function

“Premium standard equipment”

The new MG ZS EV is available in Luxury trim. Equipped with a "Long Range" battery, the New ZS EV stands out by offering extensive premium equipment as standard. New model, panoramic sunroof, 360-degree camera, climate control with PM2.5 filter, heated front seats, leather multifunction steering wheel, LED headlights and taillights, 6-way adjustable power driver's seat, 40:60 folding rear seats, keyless entrance, electric and heated side mirrors, new design 17-inch aluminum alloy wheels hit the road. It also includes an advanced driver assistance system (ADAS) called MG Pilot. Features such as Adaptive Cruise Control, Automatic Emergency Braking System, Forward Collision Warning, Lane Keeping Assist, Blind Spot Monitor and Traffic Driving System are under this system.

The new ZS EV; It is available in five different body colors: Dover White, Pebble Black, Diamond Red, Battersea Blue and Blade Silver. Electric MG models are delivered to their owners with a 7-year/150.000 km warranty, including the electric drivetrain and battery. Doğan Trend Automotive offers the Valueguard second-hand value protection guarantee for the New ZS EV, which was widely talked about in the previous ZS EV model.

“Strong performance features in electric driving”

Significant improvements have also been achieved in the performance values ​​of the newest version of the ZS, the 100 percent electric ZS EV. The battery capacity, which now feeds the electric motor that produces 105 kW instead of 115 kW, has also been increased from 44,5 kWh to 72,6 kWh. Improvements were also made to shorten the charging time, the capacity of the internal AC charging power was increased to 11 kWh. Azami DC charging power was increased to 92 kW, reducing charging time from 30 to 80 percent from 40 minutes to 30 minutes. The energy consumption of the new ZS EV has dropped to 17,8 kWh/100 km, while the WLTP range has increased from 263 km to 440 km. In addition to all these, the new model is now one of the most ambitious options in its segment, with a range of 335 km instead of 591 km in the city. The maximum speed has been increased from 140 km / h to 175 km / h, the New ZS EV accelerates from 0 to 50 km / h in 3,6 seconds and from 0 to 100 km / h in 8,6 seconds.


“An ideal electric for the family”

With its developed features, the new MG ZS EV becomes a complete companion for everyone, including large families, both on daily and weekend trips. Offering one of the largest interior volumes in its class, the ZS EV reaches a new level in MG's superior NVH values ​​for sound and vibration. All journeys are comfortable and quiet with the new ZS EV, thanks to numerous acoustic comfort enhancers such as EDS Acoustic Panel Cladding, special insulation on the fender inner panels and Michelin 3ST tires. In addition to the luggage volume, which is changed between 448 liters and 1166 liters, the functionality is increased with 23 different storage spaces in the interior. In addition to the aluminum roof rails with a carrying capacity of 50 kg, it is an ideal SUV for weekend getaways with a towing capacity of 500 kg.

“Experience points continue to increase rapidly”

Represented by Doğan Trend Automotive in Turkey, MG is expanding its sales and service network in parallel with the success it has achieved with its electric and gasoline models. One of the highlights for the MG brand last year was the increase in the number of Service and Experience Points. The MG brand, which will continue its investments in 2023 with the participation of new electric models, will increase the number of experience points to 23 this year.

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