Chery Prepares to Launch 11 New Models on the Road

Chery Prepares to Launch Her New Model on the Road
Chery Prepares to Launch 11 New Models on the Road

Chery continues to increase its power in the global market with its high technology and advanced models. Chery, one of the largest automotive manufacturers in the world, carried its growth momentum to 2023. The Chinese brand, which sold 2023 thousand 16,5 vehicles with an annual growth rate of 101 percent in January 379, has exceeded the sales figure of 2022 thousand for 8 consecutive months since June 100. Tiggo 7 and Tiggo 8, on the other hand, passed the threshold of 12 thousand with sales figures of 768 thousand 10 and 856 thousand 10, respectively.

According to the estimated data of the Automotive Industry Association, approximately 80 percent of the manufacturers in January; Pre-consumption suffered double-digit declines year-on-year due to Covid-19 and the Chinese New Year holidays. Considering the 34,6 percent decline in passenger car sales, Chery's success is even more important.

The high performance in January is not a surprise result for Chery. The brand had set a new record with its sales of 2022 million 1 thousand units in 230. Chery crowned its success in sales with an annual increase of 67,7 percent, exceeding 450 thousand units.

Chery's increasing sales and exports are also a result of its insistence on specializing in high technology. In addition to its own R&D, Chery has 7 R&D centers around the world, with its R&D team consisting of over 5 distinguished designers and engineers serving premium automobile manufacturers such as Jaguar Land Rover and General Motors. Acting with the approach of “Establishing a Technology-Based Business”, Chery achieved rapid growth in the global market as well.

“Best Engine” award for the hybrid Tiggo 8 PRO

According to the 2022 Automotive Performance, Application and Layout (APEAL) Survey published by JDPower, one of the world's leading consulting and research companies, Chery TIGGO 8 PRO Max ranked second in the mid-size SUV segment. In addition, the Tiggo 8 PRO Max won numerous awards, including “The Most Innovative Model of 2022” in Saudi Arabia and “Best Midsize SUV of the Year” in Mexico.

Tiggo 1.5 PRO PHEV with a 8 liter turbo engine hybrid system developed by the brand won the title of “Best Engine Under 2023 Liters” at the 2.0 Automobile Award Ceremony held in Sao Paulo, Brazil. On the other hand, the Tiggo 8 PRO won the “Best Midsize Crossover Vehicle” award at the CAMPI Philippine International Auto Show. In addition, the Tiggo 8 was awarded the “Best SUV of the Year” award in Brazil. Chery's Tiggo 7 and Arrizo 6 PRO series have a great reputation around the world.

Chery TIGGO Pro

Chery's globalization process will accelerate with 11 new models

In 2023, Chery will continue its global strategy with a focus on technology to further improve the number of sales, vehicle quality and customer reputation. In this context, Chery; At the 2022 World Production Convention, Tiggo introduced the 8 PRO e+ concept vehicle, 11 vehicles covering multiple energy types, including gasoline, hybrid and BEV.

All these exhibited vehicles showcase the superior production, smart technologies and new energy technologies of “Technology Chery”. Chery, which continues to take advanced technologies into mass production by 2023, will be more competitive in the global market with the launch of new models. In this way, they will be able to reach their annual goals more easily. The environment of trust provided by Technology Chery will not only ensure faster renewal of the product line, but also zamAt the same time, it will make the quality and performance of the product more reliable, giving customers a better experience. Chery will enter a new phase in 2023 and achieve new successes.

OMODA Cockpit

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