Turkey's Domestic Car TOGG's Sales Price Announced

Turkey's Domestic Car TOGG's Sales Price Has Been Announced
Turkey's Domestic Car TOGG's Sales Price Announced

Turkey's domestic car TOGG's sales price and pre-order date have been officially announced. In the statement made by the company, the pre-order date was announced while giving information about the price of TOGG. Accordingly, pre-orders for the model called T10X will be taken between March 16-27 through the Trumore digital platform and TOGG website. Well, how much is the TOGG sale price, how much was it? Here is the TOGG sales price list

TOGG Price List Announced

Turkey's domestic electric car TOGG front, the most curious issue has been clarified. The price and features of the electric SUV model of TOGG, whose mass production process started on October 29, 2022, have been announced. According to the statement made by TOGG, the starting price of the electric car will be 953 thousand TL.

The price of the car, which will have 3 different versions, varies according to the vehicle's equipment features and range value.

On the other hand, Togg, which gives the name T10X to the C segment SUV model, offers two different range values ​​in the rear-wheel drive versions of the vehicle. These versions, both of which have 160 kW of power, can be purchased with range values ​​of 314 kilometers or 523 kilometers.

While the most basic package is offered for sale with a starting price of 953 thousand TL, the full package of the version with the same range value, that is, offering a range of 314 kilometers, has a price tag of 1 million 55 thousand TL. At this point, let's say that the base packet is named V1 and the full packet is called V2.

'Priority is Individual Users'

Togg CEO Gürcan Karakaş stated that the vehicle will be introduced to the user in March and said, “Our users will be able to obtain the right to pre-order our smart device with the lottery they will participate in via our website or our Trumore application.” said.

Karakaş noted that orders will be delivered throughout 2023, with priority for individual users.

Orders for the vehicle will be received on March 16-27 via the Trumore digital platform and the Togg website. Users will be able to choose between "Gemlik", "Anatolia", "Oltu", "Kula", "Cappadocia" and "Pamukkale".

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