OSRS 2023 Roadmap Summary


What you can expect in the next 6 months in OSRS

Now that it's the new year, many game developers are revealing plans for their games in the next year. While not all developers do this, most do, and Jagex is one of them. During the Winter Summit Livestream, they've shown a roadmap of the planned content for OSRS in the next half-year. We can see what to expect in 2023, which means more opportunities to farm  OSRS gold or enjoy Gielinor are coming!

Here are the things announced during the summit.

Follow Up Quests to the Mahjarrat Series

Two new quests will be added, a Master one and a Grandmaster one. First is 'Secrets of the North,' a murder mystery with no shortage of suspects (including you!). As you try to puzzle out the clues, you'll find things are not what they seem, and the more answers you get, the more questions are raised.

Then, the sequel to Desert Treasure will be released a few months later. Uncreatively titled Desert Treasure II (though it has the subtitle of 'The Fallen Empire'), it will be the next Grandmaster quest. You can expect intrigue, more mysteries, and challenging gameplay (or a long list of tasks to do) from that title.

Anyone who follows the stories and lore behind these quests will undoubtedly be excited about these questline additions. The Grandmaster quest is the first in a long time of this difficulty to be released. The few released in the past 2 years ranged from 'Experienced' to 'Master,' which can be disappointing for loremasters.

Updates to OSRS Prayer

As a possible reward from Desert Treasure II, an alternative Prayer book is announced called Ruinous Powers. While the prayers within them aren't known yet, we can infer from the name that they might be closer to curses. What kind of ruin will these abilities bring? We'll know soon enough.

Official Account Builds

This is a welcome feature if you've ever experienced the pain of your 1 Defense Pure build being ruined because of a mistake. The feature can restrict experience gain in one or more skills. This way, you don't have to worry about which activities to avoid. You can do all of them and not gain any levels for skills you don't need anyway.

This also opens your account for quests and other activities that previously had a self-imposed prohibition. If you ever wanted to participate in a minigame or do a quest but couldn't because it would ruin your build, this is a godsend.

Forestry: The Way of the Forester

This is a social-focused expansion to Woodcutting. The developers promised that by letting players cut the same tree and receive the same rewards. New events will also focus on the skill and new ways to profit from leveling it.

A Mysterious New Skill

As mentioned, it is a mystery for now. There was a previous poll checking for interest in one. While we don't have details yet, it passed the check, so many players would want a new skill to level up.

Although the proposal for a new skill was passed, it must go through the same polling procedures as other abilities. That means that even if there is interest in something new, the polls dictate whether it will be added to the game. Similar things happened to a few proposed skills, such as Sailing, Summoning, Warding, and Artisan.

The Return of Bounty Hunter

Bounty Hunter was a PvP Minigame where you were tasked to find and kill your bounty. It occurred in a crater in the Wilderness, also shown in the teaser. The developers are still determining what form this will take, but they are putting it on the plate.

Players Decide

All features mentioned above have been polled (except Bounty Hunter), and all passed, except for the Official Account Builds. We'll see their additions to the game in the next 6 months! As for the skill, it will take some time to develop and poll, so it might be released beyond that time limit.

Let's All Look Forward to a New Year in OSRS!

Still, it's an exciting 2023 in Old School RuneScape Gielinor. With all these additions, the game becomes more enjoyable. While there wouldn't be any new  OSRS items for sale  on the Grand Exchange, this was just a general announcement, and more things could be brewing in the background.

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