Chery OMODA 5 in the Shining Cross-SUV Segment Becomes the New Choice of New Generations

Chery OMODA in the Star Shining Cross SUV Segment Becomes the New Choice of New Generations
Chery OMODA 5 in the Shining Cross-SUV Segment Becomes the New Choice of New Generations

The coupe-looking Cross-SUVs, which are among the sub-divisions of SUV models, which are constantly increasing their market share in the automotive sector, attract the attention of young people in particular. While the options of predominantly premium brands are effective in global markets, Chery OMODA 5 is also short-lived in every country it enters in this segment. zamReaching high sales targets at the same time. Chery OMODA 5, which will be sold soon in the Turkish market, combines high technologies such as "Cerence Voice Recognition System", "Art In Motion" design and 1.6DCT dual-clutch automatic transmission accompanying the 7 TGDI engine in a single car.

The multifunctional and advantageous “Cross-SUV” models, which adopt the crossover concept, continue to stand out with their ability to meet the changing needs of customers. The advantages of this type of vehicle are experienced as automobile customers prefer more and more Crossover and SUV models instead of traditional sedans in their daily commuting routines, weekend trips and shopping, and this type of vehicle sets an example for other customers. Cross-SUVs, which are becoming more well-known day by day, are increasing their popularity in the Turkish market like never before. Many users who share their experiences with these models, Cross-SUVs; He says sports cars, sedans, traditional SUVs and some other models also combine design features in a single car. Cross-SUV users not only get the comfortable driving feeling of sedans, but also zamHe also states that they are pleased with the combination of the sporty, beautiful appearance of sports cars and the large interior volume of traditional SUVs, and that they also benefit from high maneuverability, spaciousness, design aesthetics and width possibilities.

There's a trend towards coupe-style Cross-SUVs

Considering the trends of automobile customers, young and high-end user groups are focusing especially on coupe-style Cross-SUV models. In this context, premium brands offer more options and are followed with interest, especially by the young segment. Unlike the classic hatchback models, the feeling of sportiness is stronger with the combination of the movable rear design, wide wheel bases and wide rims. The wide trunk entrance provides a lot of loading space for the materials used in amateur sports activities, suitable for the character of the new generation.

Chery OMODA 5 is preparing to offer premium quality in Turkey

Close to the high-end Cross-SUV models in the coupe style zamThe Chery OMODA 5, which was unveiled at the moment, will also be added. Chery OMODA 5, which will be a new alternative for the Turkish market, is ready to offer a tradition-breaking experience with its young target audience, “Art In Motion” design concept and “Cross Future” slogan. Chery OMODA 5, which meets the needs of the Z generation with its fashionable design and advanced technologies, offers new color options on its body that match the aesthetic understanding of the new generation and lead the trend in fashion. As a Cross-SUV with a dynamic rear design, Chery OMODA 5 focuses on sporty feel with its floating roof, double-layer sporty tail and bi-coloured bladed wheels.

Chery OMODA 5 is equipped with a 1.6 TGDI engine and a 7DCT dual-clutch automatic transmission that offers smooth and efficient gear shifting. The EV model of OMODA 5 will be launched in the future to keep up with the new energy trend.

Chery OMODA 5 also includes advanced technologies that arouse a lot of excitement for young users. Two 10,25-inch screens, which are not found in many competitors in its segment, are integrated into the cockpit for a better experience. The INS multi-colored Air Conditioning Control Panel can change colors according to the driving mode and climate temperature with 64-color ambient lighting. It is also noteworthy that the "Cerence Intelligent Voice Recognition System" in the vehicle is ready for use 24 hours a day. Only when the necessary command word is spoken, “Cerence Voice Recognition System” performs the command.

While Chery OMODA 5 rapidly strengthens its position among Cross-SUV models in the markets where it is launched, it is also preparing to respond to the potential in Turkey. As stated by professionals such as journalists and opinion leaders in the automotive industry; Cross-SUV models represent new ideas and choice in car ownership. The concept of the Cross-SUV is not only a new breakthrough in the automotive industry, but also zamAt the same time, it draws attention as the new orientation of the society.

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