We Are Getting Ready To Do The Best For The Furniture Industry

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We Are Getting Ready To Do The Best For The Furniture Industry

Turkey's largest furniture committee ITO 71st committee The election of the committee, where the members of the next term will be elected, will be held on 9 November 2022. Acting together with furniture bazaars and furniture associations in the furniture sector Mehmet Mutlu is in the 71st committee of ITO 71 committees are preparing for the elections by joining forces with a team that will contribute more to the furniture industry, offer the highest level of efficiency and guide the problems from the source to the solution.

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Carrying out important studies in solving many problems of Masko and the furniture industry. Mehmet Happy, now Turkey's largest furniture committee ITO 71st committee with a transparent, solution-oriented and dynamic management approach. Mehmet Happy signals that he will be successful as a result of the election.

mehmet is happy

Garden Furniture and Garden Decoration

Gardens, which are the most preferred places of homes in spring and summer, can be transformed into a more enjoyable place with a neat and fun decoration. For this reason, people no longer search for decoration ideas only for areas such as living rooms and bedrooms. Especially in areas such as balconies and gardens, decorations became one of the most researched subjects.

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All you are looking for in Masko garden furniture You can find models.

Masko Furniture City, which holds the title of being the largest furniture site in Turkey and even in the world, offers you all the furniture models and furniture decoration examples you are looking for with its hundreds of companies.

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In addition to general furniture groups such as sofa set to dining room set garden sitting group ve garden table chair Masko Istanbul is waiting for you in İkitelli, where there are companies that also include other home decoration products such as

In addition to the highest quality garden table and chair, there are also companies that provide interior design services for garden furniture and garden decoration in Masko.

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You can come to Masko Furniture City and visit the companies that sell garden furniture and make garden decorations and get service from these companies. Masko guarantees every zamMasko offers many different advantages to its customers in order to maintain XNUMX% customer satisfaction.

By visiting Masko's website, you can have the opportunity to examine the products of the companies.

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