Innovation Award to DS E-Tense Performance

DS E Tense Performancea Innovation Award
Innovation Award to DS E-Tense Performance

This year, DS Automobiles took its place in Chantilly Arts & Élégance, which is defined as France's most prestigious “Concours d'Élégance”, held in the gardens of Château de Chantilly. The brand, which won awards in 2016 with DS E-TENSE and Eymeric François, also left its mark on this year's event with its DS E-TENSE PERFORMANCE and Nicha design. Among the awards within the scope of the event, DS E-TENSE PERFORMANCE was deemed worthy of the Innovation Award. Designed as a high-performance laboratory with a total of 600 kW (815 HP) electric power unit and all-wheel drive transmission, DS E-TENSE PERFORMANCE was developed by the brand's DS PERFORMANCE department, which won 2 Drivers' Championships and 2 Team Championships in the Formula E Championship. .

The 3.000-0 km/h acceleration of DS E-TENSE PERFORMANCE, which has already been tested for more than 100 km, takes about 2 seconds. Reflecting the design expression of DS Automobiles in its completely carbon monocoque body, DS E-TENSE PERFORMANCE creates a 800-dimensional effect with its headlights, each of which consists of 3 LEDs, and combines safety and prestigious appearance. This moving laboratory car is inspired by nature in its aerodynamic lines. The color used is also a reflection of this understanding. Depending on the external conditions and the viewing angle, the color of the vehicle may change and a striking contrast effect is provided by the glossy black surfaces extending up to the hood. The 20-inch wheels support the aerodynamic profile with unique spacers. Efficiency reflects the core philosophy in the cockpit. The bowl-shaped seats and the steering wheel transferred from Formula E give the feeling of high performance. It is emphasized that attention is paid to comfort and details with special black leather upholstery trim.

The total system power in the DS E-TENSE PERFORMANCE is 600 kW (815 HP). The torque value that the two electric motors with 250 kW at the front and 350 kW at the rear can produce in total is at the level of 8.000 Nm. Taken directly from the DS PERFORMANCE developments in Formula E, these two engines demonstrate outstanding efficiency. The battery is an essential part of the very high performance DS E-TENSE PERFORMANCE laboratory. This very small battery is housed in a mid-rear carbon-aluminum composite enclosure designed by DS PERFORMANCE. Recognizing the high end of existing technologies, an innovative chemistry and an inclusive cooling system for cells is lurking. This battery allows acceleration and recovery stages of up to 600 kW and explores new avenues for the next generation of production vehicles.

The entire DS Automobiles range was displayed in the gardens of Château de Chantilly. The new DS 7 also took part in a major international event for the first time. As part of the demonstration, 10 DS and SM models (1969 DS from 1974-5 and 1971 SMs from 1974-5), assembled by Aventure DS Automobiles, were put together during the garden party. About 20 VIP services were offered to guests.

DS Automobiles models showcased at the event:

DS 4 E-TENSE 225 (rechargeable hybrid)

New DS 7 E-TENSE 4×4 360 (rechargeable hybrid)

DS 9 E-TENSE 4×4 360 (rechargeable hybrid)

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