Chery Sheds the Future With Its New Concept 'GENE'!

Chery Sheds Light on the Future with New Concept GENE
Chery Sheds the Future With Its New Concept 'GENE'!

Founded 25 years ago as a technological venture and the pioneer of Chinese automobile brands, Chery continues to evolve while seizing strategic opportunities and striving for innovation and transformation. Introduced by the brand at Yaoguang 2025 Chery Technology Day and attracting attention as a vision concept, GENE draws attention with its use of electrical energy and solar energy as a power source. The GENE concept also stands out as it is equipped with numerous Chery innovative technologies. Chery skillfully integrates aesthetics and technology with the vision concept tool called GENE. The new vision concept showcases an innovative idea for the future era of quality travel, demonstrating Chery's determination and strength to further advance technology and shape the future of transportation.

As a full-size SUV with a length of 5 meters, a width of 2 meters and a height of 1,75 meters, it meets all needs. It has rear-hinged doors, an electric sliding tailgate, and also two drones and electric skateboards. In addition, there are four wide seats in the vehicle. Each seat can be slid and rotated. A 27-inch curved control screen dominates the cockpit.

In terms of visual design, Chery also developed the "Chery Ring" element as the base logo through symbolization to create a characteristic logo for the new concept vehicle. The "Chery Ring" element is not just a logo, it's also zamAt the same time, it extensively penetrates appearance technology, used in the headlights, radar, side mirrors, power door handle, taillight and rear logo. The outer body of the concept vehicle creates the impression of a giant ring in the style of "Chery Ring". It offers an avant-garde and trendy look while emphasizing future-oriented science and technology.

In terms of interior design, GENE adopts a circular suspended cabinet design. Design components are implemented in a circular structure, focusing on lightweight construction, revealing Chery's functional aesthetics. Especially with the opening of the door, GENE's “Chery Ring” formation is immediately visible, which creates the 'link' between interior and exterior design, thus giving the vehicle an instant sense of dynamism and technology. Chery's new image and the “functional” family design language implemented with GENE will lead the new design trend of the concept vehicles of the future.

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