Full Support from Temsa to Adasokağı's Fairy Tale

Full Support from Temsa Adasokagi's Fairy Tale
Full Support from Temsa to Adasokağı's Fairy Tale

Adana Adasokağı Sports Club, which was established in Adana in 2014 with the participation of girls at social risk, started its adventure in the Women's Handball Super League. Adasokağı Sports Club, whose transportation sponsorship is undertaken by TEMSA, continues to inspire young people in Turkey with its success story.

Adana Adasokağı Sports Club, which has one of the greatest success stories of Turkish sports in recent years, continues on its way with full rein. He started his handball adventure as a school team in 2014; After the club formation step taken in 2016, TOTEM Adasokağı Sports Club, which succeeded in making it to the Handball Women's Super League last season, has also received the support of Adana companies.

One of the biggest supporters of Turkish sports, Adasokağı Sports Club President Alper Tunga Kalsın, Head Trainer Nesimi Dağdoğan, Adana Social Assistance and Solidarity Foundation Provincial Director Gökhan Sezer and Adasokağı Sports Club players, of which TEMSA is also the transportation sponsor, were attended by CEO Tolga Kaan Doğancıoğlu at the organization held at the TEMSA factory. met with Erhan Özel, Assistant General Manager for HR, and Ebru Ersan, Corporate Communications Manager. In the organization where Adasokağı's 8-year success story was celebrated, “Girls of the South” thanked the entire TEMSA family for their support.


TEMSA Corporate Communications Manager Ebru Ersan, who made evaluations on the subject, said, “The story of Adasokağı is an indicator of how much Adana protects its own values. We, as TEMSA, stand by these young athletes and set an example for our city, region and country in terms of gender equality; We aim to contribute to the strengthening of women's place in society. What they have done so far proves to all of us what young people can achieve when the right opportunities are presented and the right guidance is given. We are proud to be with the Adasokağı family on this journey.” Said.


Adasokağı, which was established as a school team in 2014 with the support of Adana Governorship Social Assistance and Solidarity Foundation and with the participation of girls at social risk living in disadvantaged areas in terms of socio-economic income level, attained club status in 2016.

Adasokağı, who succeeded in being promoted to the Handball Women's 2019st League in the 2020-1 season, qualified for the Super League after the play-off struggles at the end of the last season. Adasokağı, which has trained many athletes for the National Team, continues to maintain its title of being the 'youngest' team competing in all league levels since the day it was founded.

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