Otokar Attended SAHA Expo with 4 Vehicles

Otokar Participated in SAHA Expo with its Vehicle
Otokar Attended SAHA Expo with 4 Vehicles

Turkey's global land systems manufacturer, Otokar, will introduce its superior capabilities in land systems as well as its wide product range in armored vehicles at the SAHA Expo Defense, Aerospace Industry Fair, which will be held at the Istanbul Expo Center on October 25-28. Otokar attended SAHA Expo, which will be held under the auspices of the Presidency, with its world-famous vehicles TULPAR, ARMA 8×8, COBRA II and AKREP II. Visitors will have the opportunity to closely examine the turret systems as well as Otokar's armored vehicles.

One of the Koç Group companies, Turkey's global land systems manufacturer, Otokar Defense, participated in the Aerospace Industry Fair SAHA Expo. Otokar's military vehicles, which have 35 years of experience in land systems, are actively used by more than 35 different users in more than 55 friendly and allied countries in the world, including NATO countries, in addition to the Turkish army and security forces.

Otokar will exhibit its world-famous vehicles TULPAR, ARMA 25×28, COBRA II and AKREP II at the fair, which will be held under the auspices of the Presidency at the Istanbul Expo Center on October 8-8 this year. Visitors will have the opportunity to closely examine the TULPAR and ARMA 30×8 exhibited with a 8 mm Spear turret, the diesel model of AKREP II exhibited with a 90 mm turret, and the armored ambulance of COBRA II, which has attracted great interest in the sector since the first day it was announced.

Reminding that they export to more than 35 countries abroad, Otokar General Manager Serdar Görgüç stated that they follow the domestic needs and said: “We are closely interested in the New Generation Armored Vehicles project within the scope of the needs of the Land Forces Command. We have specially developed our ARMA 8×8 armored combat vehicle, which has recently become the center of attention in export markets with its successful performance in the inventory of different users, in line with the requirements of this project. Compared to the standard ARMA 8×8, this vehicle has become a vehicle with specifications such as a more powerful auxiliary power unit (APU), a different protection system. We also used an ideal power pack for the use of our army in the new generation Arma 30×8, which has a combat load of over 8 tons together with the turret. In short, it was a vehicle that fully met the requirements in the specification. With our products, engineering capability, production facilities and experience, we zamWe are ready for duty for our country at the moment.”

New generation multi-wheeled armored vehicle: Arma 8×8

Otokar's new generation ARMA 8×8 model will be exhibited at SAHA Expo. The ARMA multi-wheeled vehicle family, which has proven itself in different geographies with its mobility and survivability, serves in a wide range of missions as an ideal platform for different purposes with its modular structure. It offers a solution suitable for today's combat conditions to the survivability, protection level and mobility requirements of modern armies. Offering high combat weight and large interior volume, the ARMA family also draws attention with its low silhouette. Thanks to his amphibious kit, he can swim in the water without any preparation and can speed up to 8 km per hour in the sea. Armored monocoque hull structure providing high level of ballistic and mine protection; Being a modular platform that allows the integration of mission equipment or weapon systems of different qualities, ARMA can be used with different weapon systems from 7,62 mm to 105 mm.

Tulpar: Protector of warriors

It draws attention with its mobility, high firepower and survivability, which takes its name from the legendary winged horse that protects the warriors in the Epic of Manas. TULPAR's modular design approach, designed as a multi-purpose tracked vehicle with the potential to expand between 28000 kg and 45000 kg in a way to meet the requirements that may arise in the future, enables the use of a common body structure and common subsystems for different configurations. The ability of TULPAR's different vehicle configurations to work with common subsystems increases the flexibility of use.

Tested in the harshest climatic and heavy terrain conditions, TULPAR has the best ballistic and mine protection in its class with its modular armor technology and armor structure that can be configured and scaled according to threats. While it offers an effective solution for missions that require high fire and destructive power up to 105 mm, it can serve in all kinds of combat environments, from residential areas with narrow streets and light bridges to wooded areas, in terrain conditions where Main Battle Tanks cannot function due to their weight, thanks to its superior mobility. At the Otokar stand at SAHA Expo, which will last for 4 days, visitors will have the opportunity to closely examine TULPAR, which is exhibited with the 30 mm Mızrak tower system.

Scorpion II meets all the needs of modern armies

AKREP II, based on the AKREP armored vehicle family developed by Otokar in 1995 and proven itself in domestic and export markets, is used as an armored reconnaissance, surveillance and weapon platform. The vehicle, which was first introduced as an electric and then a diesel version at IDEF 2021, allows the use of alternative power sources. AKREP II offers low silhouette, high mine protection and effective firepower on the same platform. AKREP II's all-wheel drive system and optionally available steerable rear axle offer a unique maneuverability to the vehicle. The mobility of AKREP II is maximized by the crab movement provided by its steerable rear axle. In AKREP II, the main mechanical components of systems such as steering, acceleration and braking are electrically controlled (drive-by-wire). This feature enables remote control of the vehicle, adaptation of driving assistance systems and autonomous driving. Developed to be adaptable to many different mission profiles, AKREP II can take part in missions such as surveillance, armored reconnaissance, air defense and forward surveillance, as well as different missions such as fire support vehicle, air defense vehicle, anti-tank vehicle.

Cobra II Ambulance in the field

The armored emergency response ambulance of COBRA II, a modular platform suitable for different missions, will also be examined at SAHA Expo. The COBRA II Ambulance offers a high level of terrain capability under mine and ballistic protection, and can perform all the interventions that can be made with a standard emergency ambulance. With the lightness of the COBRA II Ambulance, it showed high performance even on different surfaces such as mud and mud, and it was ensured that it could enter into the interior of the battlefield and perform the wounded rescue and emergency response tasks in the dangerous area. In order for it to serve as an ambulance, the height and width of the standard COBRA II have been increased in line with the ambulance duty and a large interior volume has been provided. The back door was designed as a ramp door specifically for ambulance use. While many functions related to the ambulance section of the vehicle can be controlled by the medical personnel from the rear; If desired, the front and rear sections can be separated from each other. COBRA II Ambulance has two different configurations that can take “2 sitting and 1 lying” or “2 lying” patients, except for the driver, commander and medical personnel.

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