2022 TOSFED Stars Goer and Odabasi

TOSFED Stars Gocer and Chamberlain
2022 TOSFED Stars Goer and Odabasi

The final races of the social responsibility project 'TOSFED Searching for its Star', which has been held under the main sponsorship of FIAT since 2017 and aims to discover talented young athletes, were held at TOSFED Körfez Racetrack between 21-23 October. This year, 34 male and 522 female athletes, determined at the end of the eliminations, in which a total of 10 candidates, 4 of whom were female, participated, competed in the races held in three different formats.

Athletes on the track with Fiat Egea race cars, the fastest lap in the first race zammoments, total laps in the second race zamWhile they were ranked according to their moments, in the third race, they took to the track in order to gain an advantage against each other with a collective start in track race format.

Fatih Selim Göçer, who won all three races that took place at the weekend, came first in 2022 TOSFED Searching for its Star, Emre Özcan Karademir and Doğa Tosun placed third. In the women's classification, Eda Odabaş won all three races and was the fastest, while Nurefşan Şen took the second place and Betül Gözde Öner took the third place.

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