Otokar's Electric Buses Can Be Seen at Two Separate Fairs in Germany

Otokarin Electric Buses Can Be Seen at Two Separate Fairs in Germany
Otokar's Electric Buses Can Be Seen at Two Separate Fairs in Germany

Turkey's leading bus manufacturer Otokar continues to bring its electric buses to its customers at the world's largest commercial vehicle events. Developed by Turkish engineers, the 18,75 meter electric articulated bus e-KENT carries visitors at the IAA Transportation Fair held in Hannover, Germany. Otokar also exhibits its 20-meter electric bus e-KENT at the transportation fair InnoTrans, which opened its doors in Berlin between 23-12 September.

One of the Koç Group companies, Otokar continues to promote its new generation electric buses, designed and developed for the cities of the future, at the world's largest commercial vehicle events. Making a difference in public transportation in more than 50 countries, as well as Turkey, with the vehicles designed and manufactured according to user expectations, Otokar took part in two separate fairs in Germany with its new generation electric buses.

e-KENT with electric bellows carries IAA 2022 visitors

IAA Transportation is the first stop of Otokar in Europe, which has achieved many innovations in areas such as alternative fuel vehicles, smart cities and safe transportation systems, and is the first electric bus manufacturer in Turkey. In the organization held in Hannover, Germany, visitors have the opportunity to try Otokar's 18,75 electric articulated bus e-KENT. Developed for metropolitan areas with high passenger numbers, the articulated e-KENT will carry fair visitors between the halls for 6 days at IAA, one of the most important commercial vehicle fairs in the world, in cooperation with Webasto.

Developed at the Otokar R&D Center, the articulated e-KENT stands out with its high maneuverability despite its 18,75 meter length. Winner of the BIG SEE award with its design line, e-KENT is presented to the visitors of the fair with its technology and innovative solutions in the field of security.

While it offers high passenger capacity and large interior volume, the vehicle, which allows the passengers to get on and off quickly, with four wide and metro type electric sliding doors, offers different battery capacity options such as 350, 490, 560 kWh. The Li-ion NMC batteries of the bus add agility to transportation with their fast and slow charging features. The bellows e-KENT can be charged quickly either in the garage or on the road with its pantograph type charging feature, thanks to its different charging options.

Otokar difference in InnoTrans

The other stop of Otokar's electric buses in Germany was the 13th InnoTrans transportation technologies and mobility trade fair. Otokar exhibits its 56-meter electric bus e-KENT at InnoTrans, where more than 2 participants from 770 countries took part this year. The environmentally friendly e-KENT, which has been tried by different bus companies and municipalities in many different European countries such as Italy, Spain and Romania, aims to contribute to the sustainable development of cities.

Standing out with its innovative and attention-grabbing design, as well as its comfort, technologies and innovative solutions in the field of security, e-KENT is among the most assertive tools of the industry. Depending on the topography and usage profile, the vehicle, which can offer a range of more than 300 kilometers on a full charge, offers better visibility and comfort for passengers with its large interior volume.

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