Italy's First Hydrogen Bus 'Hydron' Built by Rampini SpA

Rampini SpA Produced Italy's First Hydrogen Bus
Italy's First Hydrogen Bus 'Hydron' Built by Rampini SpA

The first hydrogen bus made entirely in Italy was built and designed in Umbria. Produced by Rampini SpA, an innovative entrepreneurial reality based in the province of Perugia for eighty years, representing an example of Italian excellence and tangible proof of how SMEs can make a “green” revolution by focusing on sustainable mobility. Powered by a hydrogen fuel cell, unsurprisingly dubbed the "Hydron", the new vehicle was presented to the authorities and the press today at the production center in Passignano sul Trasimeno (PG). Hydron, an eight-metre-long hydrogen bus, is the first of its kind in Italy, the result of the Rampini team's 10 years of work and design. The Hydron is an innovative vehicle, the only vehicle in Europe capable of transporting up to 8 people in just 48 metres. Its range is 450 kilometers.

“A few years ago we made a definitive and at the time anti-cultural choice: not to produce diesel buses anymore. Unsuspecting and highly suspicious in the industry zama choice made at the moment. The range of products we offer today is the result of investments in research and innovation, and our pride, which is proof that Italian industry is alive and capable of expressing excellence. Being sustainable is not only a competitive factor, it is also zamIt is a way of being on the market with confidence and looking to the future of an industrial production that we are currently contributing to the European-wide appreciation.” said Fabio Magnoni, managing director of Rampini SpA.

On the same occasion, the company introduced two new zero-emission bus models: the Sixtron, a six-metre electric bus designed to meet the transportation needs of the small historic centers where Italy is rich, and the Eltron, the evolution of the E80, the first electric bus made by Rampini.

Sixtron is a 6-metre city bus with a low platform and seats for the disabled. It can carry up to 250 passengers, with excellent maneuverability and an excellent range of approximately 31 km, designed to operate uninterrupted all day in urban use. The first example of Sixtron is already in circulation on the island of Procida, this year's European Capital of Culture.

After years of testing, Eltron has been sold in Italy and various European countries since 2010 and is constantly updated to meet users' needs. The Eltron has distinctive technical features such as narrow width, three doors and a range of more than 300 kilometers – an outstanding achievement for vehicles of this size.

Three zero-impact bus models that required months of design and fine-tuning by the Rampini team, meaning a 10 percent investment in research and development for the company. Rampini is the undisputed leader in small, zero-emission buses. The company is also appreciated in Spain, France, Germany, Austria and Greece, where Rampini buses stand out for their high technical content and unmatched reliability and contribute to creating value for the region, country and people. The public presentation of the new hydrogen bus and electric bus range is planned as part of the Next Mobility Exhibition (12-14 October 2022), the public mobility fair organized by Fiera Milano at the venues of Fiera Milano Rho.

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