Special Campaign for Domestic Investors from Binomo

Binomo Campaign
Binomo Campaign

Interest in online trading platforms is increasing day by day. Data provided by The Business Research Company indicates that the global market of online trading platforms will exceed $10 billion by the end of the year. Trading platforms enlarge the market with special campaigns they organize frequently.

While the business models of many sectors are changing rapidly with the spread of digitalization, the financial solution for those who want to earn additional income around the world is now through online trading platforms. According to data released by research firm The Business, the size of the market created by online commerce platforms is expected to exceed $2021 billion in 9,6 and exceed $2022 billion in 10. While the digital muscles of the financial world are getting stronger, domestic investors are meeting with users abroad and gaining new experiences through online trading platforms.

Binomo, the online trading platform operating in more than 2015 countries since 130, also offers users in Turkey the opportunity to trade in VIP status for one day. Binomo, which organizes many campaigns around the world for those looking for additional income, announced that it will make a special free campaign for Turkey on July 22, and will turn the financial world into a fun environment with a special tournament as well as many promotions in the campaign.

10% of failed transactions can be reversed

Latif Özdemir, Turkey Business Development Director of Binomo, the online trading platform, who stated that the participants of the campaign have the chance to evaluate different assets, shared the following information about the campaign they will hold on July 22: “Participants in the campaign will gain additional income by having VIP status for one day. Binomo users who can participate in Happy Hours will be able to trade special assets with higher profits for one day, as well as get 10% back of their failed trades.”

$3 prize pool for participants

Pointing out that the tournament within the scope of the campaign, where participation is free, offers various opportunities for the participants, Latif Özdemir said, “In addition to offering promotions to our users participating in our campaign, we are creating a prize pool of 3 thousand dollars with the special tournament we have prepared. The winners of the tournament will receive $450. Those who are behind the rankings will have the chance to win 30 valuable prizes.”

Users will automatically access VIP status

Latif Özdemir, Turkey Business Development Director of Binomo, who stated that the campaign is an important discovery tool for those who consider going to VIP status and want to earn additional income, said, “In our public campaign, existing users will automatically have VIP status for 1 day. For this experience, investors must make their first deposit of 22 TL by the end of the day on July 120. A personal assistant awaits those who want to get VIP status after the campaign. As Binomo, a category A member of the Financial Commission, we serve more than 1 million users. We remind each of our investors that trading is risky and the materials we provide for them to gain financial literacy and experience before their transactions," he said.

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