'3 in the capital. Motofest Ankara Festival' Breathtaking

Motofest Ankara Festival in the Baskent Breathtaking
'3 in the capital. Motofest Ankara Festival' Breathtaking

Continuing its support to sports and athletes in the capital, Ankara Metropolitan Municipality is now at the “3. Ankara Motorcycle Festival.

ABB, ANFA Department of Security, Urban Aesthetics, Ankara Fire Brigade, Department of Environmental Protection and Control and Department of Police, together with the teams of thousands of motorists from all over Turkey; security, concert stage, breakfast, tent, stand and water support were provided. Visiting the festival area, ABB President Mansur Yavaş met with intense interest from motorcycle enthusiasts. The motofest, which included many events from award-winning competitions to free motor driving shows, from tent camps to concerts, ended with a concert by Kurtalan Ekspres.

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality continues its support for sports and athletes without slowing down.

Karaköy Recreation Area, which started to be the favorite recreation area of ​​the Capital after the renovation works, is the “3. Ankara Motorcycle Festival.

During the festival, which was also visited by Metropolitan Mayor Mansur Yavaş, motorists showed great interest in Yavaş.


At the 'motofest' organized by ANFA Security, Department of Urban Aesthetics, Department of Environmental Protection and Control, Department of Police and Ankara Fire Brigade; provided support on many issues from security to the concert stage, from breakfast to tents, from stands to water needs.

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Deputy Mayor Berkay Gökçınar, who participated in the motorcycle festival, said, “As the Metropolitan Municipality, we are hosting the third Ankara Motorcycle Festival, which is held this year. We are trying to make Ankara the Capital of both culture and activities, befitting the Capital of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk. We have taken all the precautions in the event area and are trying to meet the needs. We continue to support the athletes and motorcycle lovers”, while Ankara Motorcycle and Camping Sports Club Association President Orhan Keskin gave the following information about the festival: “From 7 to 70 people come from all over Turkey. The Metropolitan Municipality provides us with various supports such as the event space, stands, concert stage, electricity and water. We saw the Karaköy Recreation Area for the first time. We have a dope-packed schedule. I invite everyone who wants to get to know motorcyclists. I would like to thank the Metropolitan for its support to such social events.”


Kurtalan Ekspres also gave a concert at the festival, which included many events from award-winning competitions to free motor driving shows, from tent camps to concerts.

Ahmet Güvenç, the lead guitarist of the Kurtalan Ekspres music group, said that they were happy to attend the festival: “This festival organized by the Metropolitan Municipality for us in Ankara was very nice. Motorists from all over Turkey come here. We try to participate in all the festivals that bikers participate in. It was a nice festival and concert, we thank those who contributed”.
Motor lovers, who sell products at the stands they opened and set up tents in the festival area, thanked ABB for hosting the 'Ankara Motofest' with the following words:

Ferhat Durmuş(BB Agency Organizer): “We are having an amazing festival. The support of the Metropolitan Municipality made us very happy. The interest in the festival was great. Thank you for your contribution to raise our awareness.”

Ahmet Polat: “I am a biker and I want the festival to be held every year. Having fun and beautiful zamWe are having a moment.”

Batuhan Emir: “Everything is beautiful at the festival. Enjoyable with our friends zamI'm having a moment. Perfect place. This area was very suitable for the festival.”

Burak Turk: “It's pretty fun. We had the opportunity to make a presentation here. The metropolitan also welcomes us well, thank you.”

Cem Gunes: “It is an honor to be in such a beautiful festival. We ride with my child. Enjoyable zamWe are having a moment at the festival. It is very enjoyable to be held in various activities.”

North Sliding: “It was a good organization. We visited the stands, everything is very colorful.”

Ahmet Koc: “We are pleased and morale that the metropolitan supports such a festival. Everything is fine, thank you.”

İlker Suggest: “I liked the recreation area very much. It is the first time that the organization is held here. There is a very nice environment. We made new friends and it was a different atmosphere and activity for us.”

Onur Kocaoglu: “I agree with all our federations and associations from Eskişehir. There is a nice environment here. The promenade area is suitable for the festival.”

Ahmet Ersin Coskun: “We met with the motorcycle community here through the festival. We came together for motor lovers to mingle. All materials related to motorcycles are on display. The Metropolitan Municipality provided support such as the arrangement of this area, tents, electricity, water, breakfast, thank you. All we have to do is enjoy the festival.”

Alper Balci: “Thanks to this festival, we socialize and share. Introducing the motorcycle and having fun zamWe are together to pass the moment. The city has a serious effort and support.”

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