Volkswagen Introduces Electric Sedan Model ID.Aero

Volkswagen Introduces Electric Sedan Model ID Aero
Volkswagen Introduces Electric Sedan Model ID.Aero

Volkswagen, the new member of the ID family, ID. AERO introduced the concept model. Volkswagen Passenger Car CEO Ralf Brandstätter, who gave information about the vehicle in the introduction, emphasized that the new model has an extremely aerodynamic design that stirs the emotions. The model, which will have a range of more than 600 kilometers, also offers an extremely spacious living space and a quality interior.

The concept vehicle is almost five meters long. The elegantly sloping coupe-style roofline helps achieve an excellent friction coefficient of 0,23. Volkswagen's modular electric platform (MEB) provides a long wheelbase and therefore an extraordinarily spacious interior. ID. The AERO is equipped with a 77 kWh lithium-ion battery. Thanks to the interaction of efficient power-train and advanced aerodynamics, ID. AERO offers a range of up to 620 kilometers (WLTP).

Electric move accelerates in China

Volkswagen is accelerating its move to electrification in China as part of its ACCELERATE strategy. ID after ID.3, ID.4 and ID.6. The series production version of the AERO will join Volkswagen's product family in China as the fourth all-electric model in the second half of 2023. In line with the regional strategy, Volkswagen aims to become the leading supplier of sustainable vehicles in China. By 2030, at least one out of every two vehicles sold in China is expected to be electric.

Original and elegant design with its aerodynamic structure and wide light strips

ID. AERO's design, ID. transfers its family's design language to an upper-middle-class sedan for the first time. The wind flows along the aerodynamically designed façade and roof. Sporty bi-colour 22-inch wheels with a turbine design are integrated into the fenders almost flush. Classic door handles are replaced by illuminated touch surfaces that further reduce air resistance. The roofline sloping backwards forms the basis of the car's aerodynamic silhouette. The strong shoulder line and roof line make the sedan look more dynamic.

ID. The AERO concept car was unveiled in glacial blue metallic. This color creates a golden glow when light falls on the color pigments. The ceiling is designed in black to contrast with the body.

Facade ID. It draws attention with its family-specific honeycomb texture. Buffer zone with honeycomb texture, ID. It is split horizontally in two in accordance with the AERO design. Left and right of the illuminated Volkswagen logo, the innovative IQ.LIGHT – LED matrix headlights, fenders and light strips on the side, ID. It makes AERO unique. The light strip continues visually with cutouts at the rear as well. The rear design features a dark light strip and exclusive honeycomb-textured LED taillights.

ID. AERO reveals versatility of MEB platform

ID. AERO demonstrates the flexibility of Volkswagen's all-electric MEB platform, which can be adapted to vehicles of different designs and sizes. The MEB platform can be used in different model types, from compact crossovers to SUVs, from minibuses to large-volume sedans. MEB, ID. ID with AERO. heralds the family's entry into the mid-range sedan segment. The European version will be produced in Emden

ID. The European version of the AERO is expected to roll off the assembly line at the Emden plant in 2023. The Emden plant will make a significant contribution to the transition of the brand's model range to electrification and the reduction of CO2 emissions of its new vehicle fleet.

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