İTÜ Racing's New Electric Vehicle Gets Its Power From TotalEnergies

ITU Racing's New Electric Vehicle Powered by TotalEnergies
İTÜ Racing's New Electric Vehicle Gets Its Power From TotalEnergies

Meaningful support to Turkey's brightest engineer candidates from TotalEnergies, a pioneer in electric vehicle oils… TotalEnergies became the gold sponsor of DT BeElectric-02, the electric vehicle designed by the ITU Racing Club of Istanbul Technical University (ITU).

Founded in 2007 to participate in International Formula Student student races, ITU Racing is a Formula One team of 45 students from different engineering disciplines. The team, which participates in Formula Student races held in various parts of the world with the prototype vehicles they design and manufacture every year, is preparing for the races to be held in Czechia this year between 18-24 July.

The launch of ITU Racing's most innovative and fastest electric racing vehicle was held on June 24 at Istanbul Technical University Süleyman Demirel Cultural Center. At the launch with wide participation, İTÜ Racing Team Leader Çayan Baykal shared the features of the vehicle.

It can reach 250 km/h

ITU Racing's New Electric Vehicle

The vehicle, whose design began in August 2021, was designed by 10 students from over 60 engineering fields. On the vehicle with a hybrid monocoque chassis and a wheel size of 10 inches, products and composite materials, one of the new technology manufacturing techniques, which are increasingly used in the automotive and defense industries, were used.

The DT BeElectric-02, in which up-to-date technologies are used, has the first composite chassis designed and manufactured in Turkey with its production in BAYKAR facilities. The vehicle, which is produced by following electric vehicle technologies and whose engine has a nominal power of 93.2 kW, can easily accelerate to 250 kilometers.

“We will represent our country in the best possible way”

Baykal said, “As the ITU Racing team, we are working to be among the respected teams known for their innovation, competitiveness and abilities among Formula Student teams and to represent both our country and our university in the best possible way. Our biggest goal is to do better things every year than the previous one and to represent our country proudly in similar prestigious competitions. The projects we have realized under the roof of our club, our team members take responsibility, work as a team, zamIt also offers excellent opportunities for him to gain experience in subjects such as finishing under time constraints. The support given to our projects also lays the foundation for a sustainable environment where engineer candidates who are interested in developing and changing automotive technologies can make progress by demonstrating their skills. We are excited to test our new vehicle in Czechia. We would like to thank TotalEnergies Turkey Pazarlama for being with us. We were very happy with the support of TotalEnergies, one of the first brands that come to mind when it comes to innovation. We consider ourselves very lucky to be going to Czechia with the support of such a strong brand behind us.”

“We are happy to join forces with young people”

ITU Racing's New Electric Vehicle

TotalEnergies Turkey Marketing and Technology Director Fırar Dokur said that they are happy to support the engineer candidates. Dokur said, “ITU is one of the most prestigious technical universities in our country worldwide. It achieves many successes not only with its academic achievements, but also with student clubs and project teams. ITU Racing team is one of these successful teams. We are extremely pleased that our high-performance fluids for electric vehicles will accompany the İTÜ Racing vehicle in one of the most prestigious engineering competitions held at the undergraduate level in the world. As TotalEnergies, we have been testing and validating our products on racetracks for many years. The Quartz EV Fluids product line, which consists of special lubricating and cooling fluids that we produce for electric vehicles, is a strong indicator of our innovative competence. We are happy to come together with young people by joining forces in such a project. We wish good luck to all the team that will take the track in Czechia. We believe that they will return to Turkey with a very good rating,” he said.

Races have been held for 41 years

Formula Student racing was started in 1981 by the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE). Formula Student, an engineering competition held in more than 4 countries on 10 continents and attended by experienced teams from the world's most prestigious universities, aims to train qualified personnel for the automotive industry and to create testing opportunities for new technologies. Nearly 50 gasoline, nearly 30 electric and 10 self-driving vehicles compete in the races held every year. Vehicles; design, technical supervision, dynamic stages and track races in three different categories are ranked according to the points collected from all stages.

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