Italian Motorcycle Brand Ducati Chooses SAP for Digital Transformation!

Italian Motorcycle Brand Ducati Chooses SAP for Digital Transformation
Italian Motorcycle Brand Ducati Chooses SAP for Digital Transformation!

A global collaboration was announced at the regional event of SAP, held in Madrid, where digital transformation, sustainability, innovation and new generation technologies in the business world were discussed. The Italian motorcycle manufacturer chose the RISE with SAP collaboration model to initiate a significant transformation in its core business processes.

Madrid, the capital of Spain, hosted an important event where digital transformation, sustainability and innovation in the business world were discussed. At the event, it was announced that the Italian brand Ducati, which was founded in 1926 and has been producing high-performance motorcycles since 1946, will work with SAP, the market leader in enterprise application and software, for a digital transformation journey focused on customer experience, supply chain and innovation.

This collaboration shares a shared desire to improve and enrich the experiences of passionate Ducati customers through excellence in innovation and cutting-edge products and services.

Technology and innovation are key elements in Ducati's DNA. The Italian company aims to increase the digitalization of its processes and the accuracy and up-to-dateness of its information flow by creating a smart business network with its suppliers and business partners in cooperation with SAP. Putting its customers with a passion for the brand at the center of its business, Ducati sees these as necessary steps to respond effectively and efficiently to the increasingly complex global supply system.

To achieve these goals, Ducati will also use SAP E-Commerce Solution in its online business management processes and SAP Integrated Business Planning (IBP) solutions for an agile supply chain planning that will enable to create an expanded and integrated digital supply chain.

“Supply chains are getting more and more complex”

Every passionate customer zamEmphasizing that the moment is at the center of the company's strategy and that they strive to provide them with the best possible experience in the world of two wheels, Ducati CEO Claudio Domenicali said, “Given our focus on product development, we rely on innovation and technology for the success of our business processes. In this period when supply chains are becoming more and more complex and subject to transformation, the presence of a business partner such as SAP and the innovative software solutions it offers, Ducati's supply chain is everywhere. zamIt will allow it to make it even more flexible, agile and integrated than before. Thus, we will establish a supply and production system that will better respond to the needs of 'Ducatici'.

“Focusing on customer experience is the key to growth”

Emmanuel Raptopoulos, Head of SAP Southern Europe, Middle East and Africa, said: “The Ducati brand is synonymous with excellence; It is known all over the world for the quality of its products and the competitiveness it shows in every race. Ducati operates a sophisticated Supply Chain with very high standards for the experience it delivers to its customers, so end-to-end process integration and availability are key. We are proud to be with Ducati in this business transformation journey where we bring all our strengths and innovation experience together with SAP's CX (Customer Experience), Supply Chain solutions and RISE with SAP model that offers business transformation as a service and in the cloud. “Customer Experience goes beyond anything else today and Ducati wants to put Customer Experience even more at the heart of its operations.”

Collaboration to the tracks

Emphasizing that they will be the Official Partner of the Ducati Lenovo Team in the MotoGP world championship in the 2022 season, Emmanuel Raptopoulos said, “The cooperation between the two companies extends to the racing world, where technology and innovation are used to achieve excellence; The power and excellence of Ducati motorcycles are combined with cutting-edge SAP innovation. "We are proud to be working with Ducati in the world championship."

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