What is a Dog Trainer, What Does He Do, How To Become? Dog Trainer Salaries 2022

Dog Trainer Salary
What is a Dog Trainer, What Does It Do, How to Become a Dog Trainer Salary 2022

The person who trains dogs in accordance with the living standards of their owners and ensures that they are compatible with them is called a dog trainer. The dog trainer acts in accordance with the principles under the general umbrella of the business he is in. Uses tools and equipment effectively. It trains dogs in accordance with the wishes of their owners in accordance with occupational health and safety regulations.

What Does a Dog Trainer Do, What Are Their Duties?

The dog trainer works in accordance with the general framework of the enterprise, taking into account the factors of worker health, occupational safety and environmental protection. Apart from all these, the duties that must be fulfilled are as follows:

  • To determine the wishes and purpose of the dog owner,
  • Within the scope of basic obedience training, ensuring that the dog obeys the word of the owner,
  • Within the scope of advanced obedience training, training the dog to walk without a leash and to obey commands,
  • If the dog has a psychological problem, correcting this problem,
  • Changing or correcting undesirable behavior in dogs,
  • Teaching the dog commands with sound and silent signals,
  • If there is no toilet training, give the dog toilet training,
  • Choosing the appropriate training method for puppies, young and adult dogs,
  • Giving personal protection training to dogs that it deems suitable for protection training,
  • Increasing the dog's motivation by using different game and reward tools,
  • Giving the dog field protection training to protect places such as home and workplace
  • Giving trainings such as attacking the calm dog, attacking the aggressive dog on command,
  • To provide companion training,
  • Participating regularly in courses and seminars on dog training and training,
  • To follow the developments in their professional field and apply them in their own work.

We can list the trainings given by Dog Trainers as follows;

  1. dog toilet
  2. game training
  3. show tutorials
  4. Area protection
  5. Protection guard
  6. actor hunt
  7. socialization
  8. Aggressive and Rehabilitation
  9. pup hunt
  10. special trainings

How to Become a Dog Trainer

Anyone who is a primary school graduate can apply for the dog trainer training given in many dog ​​training centers.

There is currently no department for dog trainers in vocational high schools and universities. Therefore, in order to become a dog trainer, it is first necessary to enroll in a 60-day course or certificate program. Afterwards, the person who wants to specialize in the field should continue the specialization courses of that field.

Dog Trainer Salaries 2022

2022 Dog Trainers can work in private or public organisations. For this reason, their salaries vary a lot. Dog Trainer salaries vary between 5.400 TL and 20.000 TL per month.

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