Tesla Establishes a Second Factory with a Capacity of 450 Vehicles in Shanghai

Tesla Establishes a Second Factory with a Capacity of One Thousand Vehicles in Shanghai
Tesla Establishes a Second Factory with a Capacity of One Thousand Vehicles in Shanghai

Tesla is now installing its second assembly chain right next to the existing Gigafactory 3 in Shanghai. There will be a production capacity of 450 thousand additional vehicles every year. This new production line is reportedly geared towards Model 3 and Model Y production.

A few days ago, Tesla managed to get permission to restart production at its Gigafactory in Shanghai by negotiating with the Chinese authorities. Due to the obligation to stay at home due to the epidemic, the plant has suffered a production loss of 50 thousand units. American manufacturer, lost zamIn order to compensate for the moment, he persuaded his employees to sleep in the facility for a while. For this purpose, Tesla distributes portable beds to its employees, allowing them to stay at the facility at night.

Beijing's "Zero Covid" policy does not seem to have extinguished Tesla's heat. So much so that the manufacturer is building a second production line in Shanghai. This new assembly chain will have an annual production capacity of 450 units. The assembly chain will form part of Gigafactory 2019, which has started electric vehicle production by the end of 3. With this project, Tesla is looking for a way to double its global production of 936 thousand units. The Gigafactory in China produced 2021 Model 484 and Model Y units in 130, providing Tesla with 3 percent of its total global production of 936 thousand units.

3 thousand Model 321 and Model Y vehicles were delivered to customers in China last year. This was as much as 2020 percent more than the previous 17. Elon Musk believes that this country market is very promising. The remaining 163 vehicles from the domestic delivery of the production in China were shipped to Germany and Japan from Tesla's other markets. In fact, officials and experts say that Tesla's target is to reach 130 million units of production per year in Shanghai, which is a part of it. zamthinks it's just a matter of time.

Shanghai Gigafactory is the only automobile manufacturing facility in China that is wholly owned by a foreign investor. Beijing believes that Tesla's activities in the Asian continent will contribute to the leadership efforts of this region in the field of electric vehicles in the long run. As a matter of fact, the Tesla administration said in its last statement that the Chinese administration helped them to restart production. In this way, 6 thousand employees were brought to work by taking all kinds of measures against the epidemic at the Gigafactory.

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