Oyak Renault Automobile Factory Stopped Production: No Job in Bursa for 15 Days!

Renault Stopped Automobile Production No Gun Jobs in Bursa
Renault Stopped Automobile Production No Gun Jobs in Bursa

The global chip crisis also hit Oyak Renault. Giant car brand Renault will stop production of cars completely for 15 days. The global chip crisis in the automotive industry, which put many brands in trouble, also affected Renault this time. It has been announced that Oyak Renault's factory in Bursa will take a break for 24 days as of Monday, January 15.

Sources informing Bloomberg HT stated that the mechanical parts of the factory will continue to serve, while automobile production will stop completely.

The company's human resources reported the situation in an email on Friday afternoon, January 21st.

Oyak Renault had previously suspended production between October 18 and November 4 and between June 16 and July 26 due to problems in chip supply.

What is the worldwide chip crisis?

When the production of chips, which have an important place in every field from household appliances to in-car electronic systems, from the defense industry to wearable technologies, was interrupted due to the coronavirus, a chip crisis began to be experienced.

Although the US-based chip manufacturer GlobalFoundries makes new plans to meet the increasing demand, it has officially announced that the production will meet the demand in 2022 at the earliest.

The chip crisis has reached critical dimensions for leading countries in the automotive industry or for countries like Turkey that provide serious employment and export with automotive.

While chip supply is no longer a problem to be solved from today to tomorrow, both the complex production structure and the production of the production starting from the raw material. zamThe fact that it is taking a moment may cause new problems in the coming days about chips.

While it is expected that the supply problem in chips will continue throughout 2022, it was mentioned that there may be disputes between consumer electronics giants and automotive giants, and even between countries, about who will buy the chips that are produced in limited quantities.

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