Erkoç: Automobile Sales Should Be Made Through e-Government, Not Notary Public

Erkoç: Automobile Sales Should Be Made Through e-Government, Not Notary Public
Erkoç: Automobile Sales Should Be Made Through e-Government, Not Notary Public

Motor Vehicle Dealers Federation (MASFED) Chairman Aydın Erkoç drew attention to the rising notary fees and said that automobile trade should be done not through notary publics but via e-Government, thus protecting the consumer from high fees.

Aydın Erkoç, President of MASFED, drew attention to the notary fees that are increasing every year. Expressing that the automobile sales fee has been increased from 305 TL to 450 TL, Erkoç stated that automobile trade can be done through e-Government, not through notaries.

In his statement, Erkoç said, “The increase in the exchange rate, the disruptions in the production and supply chain and the supply-demand imbalance play a big role in the increase in vehicle prices. However, we see that as vehicle prices increase, notary fees also increase. Auto trade is completely statement-based. The buyer and the seller make the shopping through online systems, and the automobile company pays the tax to the state with its declaration. In the modern world, this is how the system works in all developed countries.

Reminding that in the past, it was on the agenda to take the automobile trade from notaries, but this system was continued on the condition that it is done for a small fee, Erkoç said, “During the Prime Ministry of our President, Mr. At the request of the notaries, it was decided to continue with a low notary fee. However, at the moment, we see that this figure has exceeded 400 TL. Considering the decline in the second-hand car market and the decrease in the purchasing power of the citizens, this fee constitutes a serious expense item,'' he said.

Underlining the need to switch to an online system in automobile trade, Erkoç said, “This shopping can be done via e-Government, and notaries are already implementing a similar system to perform this transaction. Motor vehicle dealers with a certificate of authority make their sales and pay taxes to the state with their declarations,'' he said.

Erkoç also stated that a secure payment system can be used for the perfect functioning of the system and said:

“To protect the buyer and seller, the money may remain blocked for several hours while the transaction is being processed. After the license is issued, if there is no problem, the money can be transferred to the other party's account. These systems can be developed. In the modern world, used car sales are not made through notaries in any developed country. We will also meet with our Minister of Justice, Mr. Abdulhamit Gül, regarding this issue and express our demand. We demand an end to this system in Turkey now.”

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