Suzuki Burgman 400 in Turkey

Suzuki Burgman 400 in Turkey
Suzuki Burgman 400 in Turkey

Suzuki Burgman 400, one of the most important and iconic "Maxi-Scooter" (big scooter) models of the motorcycle world, has been renewed with advanced technologies. Burgman 400, the big scooter model of the Suzuki motorcycle family, which manages to offer comfort, usefulness and sporty use together, has a volume of 400 cc, water cooled, four-wheel drive. zamAnlı, DOHC, single-cylinder, fuel-injected engine has become compatible with Euro 5 emission standards with the optimization. However, more sporty zamTechnological improvements such as dual ignition technology were introduced, providing a more elegant and fluid driving experience at the same time. Burgman 400 offers the highest level of safety with its new flawless traction control system. The renewed model is also available at Suzuki Turkey dealers, with a sales price of 169.900 TL under the guarantee of Doğan Trend Otomotiv.

Pioneering a new market for bulky scooters when it was first launched in 1998, the Suzuki Burgman 400 is further enhanced by its renewed features, with its comfort, power, ample storage and elegant design as an ideal companion for weekend getaways as well as in the city. expanding. The Burgman 400, which hit the roads of Turkey through Doğan Trend Automotive, the only distributor of Japanese manufacturer Suzuki in our country, again attracts attention with its brand new features. The model, which has become compliant with Euro 5 emission norms with its updated engine, draws attention with its striking design lines, high efficiency, comfortable structure and dynamic driving characteristics.

Smooth and performance driving with high torque

Burgman 400, the oldest model of the Burgman family, continues to maintain its reputation for luxury, quality, comfort and performance while offering a light and compact body. It makes this claim with the 400 cc water-cooled, four zamIt continues with the optimization of the instant, DOHC, single-cylinder, fuel-injected engine. Revised engine block, including cylinder heads, pistons, injectors, with the contribution of optimized combustion; It offers a smoother ride and a more performance ride at high rpm with improved throttle responses and balanced low-mid-speed torque production.

Elegant and athletic athlete

The Suzuki Burgman 400 retains features such as an elegant, attractive design, excellent engine performance, ideal acceleration, cornering, braking stability and functionality to meet different rider needs, while maintaining the same zamIt also introduces functional improvements that users will immediately notice. The new Burgman 400 maintains its reputation as a compact luxury scooter. A thinner, sharper and more attractive design on both the front and rear ends. Sharply designed dual LED headlights with integrated LED tail lights. The sharply designed individual LED taillights express elegance and agility. The sporty coupe-like design reflects market trends.

High level of security and efficiency with technological developments

While renewing the iconic model Burgman 400, Suzuki did not neglect to adapt the technological developments to this model. Suzuki Dual Ignition Technology improves combustion with a different spark plug and highly atomized injector, while meeting Euro 5 emission standards and providing good fuel economy. The new Traction Control System provides a more controlled and balanced start by reducing slip when the throttle is fully opened while taking off, and increases driving safety by reducing wheel spin on uneven road surfaces. Whether the system is wet or cobblestone zamIt provides superior driving safety. The system can be turned on and off with a switch on the right handlebar.

Adjustable Suspensions, 7-way adjustable spring preload and single shock absorber rear suspension also allow both road holding and comfort level to increase. Anti-lock Braking System, ABS-supported double disc at the front and a single disc at the rear, offering a high braking performance that supports driving and increases safety. Thanks to this system, Suzuki Advanced Immobilizer System (SAIS) uses an electronic identification system that matches the key to prevent unauthorized persons from starting the engine. A magnetic cover that opens only with the key defined in the system protects the contact for additional security.

Ease of use in the city thanks to the lightweight chassis

Burgman 400 has a thin and light body as well as all its technological developments. While the compact body components provide the characteristic appearance of the renewed model, they also provide ease of use, especially in narrow streets and congested traffic. The durable and rigid frame offers enhanced stability and cornering performance. The upward sloping windshield design provides optimum road wind protection for driver comfort and a comfortable road view for driving safety, while at the same time providing optimum road wind protection for driver comfort. zamIt offers a stylish and compact appearance when viewed from the front or side.

More impressive with new colors

Matte colors bring a cool, modern look, and the Burgman 400 offers its first matte color option with the new Metallic Matte Sword Silver. The new color offers a sporty and elegant design with a sleek, sword-like metallic finish. Sharp-looking blue wheels combined with the silver body color underline Suzuki's heritage of sports road bikes. Likewise, the blue stitching of the seat also reflects Suzuki's tradition of sports road bikes and is integrated with the silver body colour.

Comfortable and useful fine details

The renewed Burgman 400 offers usability and comfort at the highest level with fine details. Updated with an even more functional design, the instrument panel makes it easier for the driver to save fuel with the driving distance and instant fuel consumption information. However, the driver zamWhen the moment comes, it is informed via this screen. oil change zamWhen the moment approaches, an oil change warning comes on. In addition to the seat height of 755 mm, the thin saddle design and narrow foot supports make it easier to reach the ground, while the thickly filled seat cushion offers an enhanced level of comfort. Adjustable driver's seat back provides optimum support and comfort. The ample 42-liter underseat storage offers space for two helmets (a full face and a demi-jet helmet) or other gear, offering the ultimate in convenience.

Over 760.000 sales worldwide

The Burgman family, which has expanded with 650, 125 and finally 200 cc models, has reached a sales figure of 1998 units worldwide from 2020, when it first hit the roads, until the end of 760. The Japanese manufacturer renewed the Burgman 400 model once again after 2006 and 2018 and introduced it to its consumers.

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