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get in the flesh

Private Yachts are only used by the owner and his guests. Charter Yachts are available to anyone who can pay to use them. Choosing to work on a private or charter yacht will offer a very different experience, so it's important to consider the pros and cons of both before deciding which option to choose.

Private Yachts

Private Yachts, depending on the owner, can offer a great lifestyle and more stability because you know what to expect, the itinerary can be up to a year in advance, perks in the form of owner bonuses e.g. on escort trips/cruises, more leave, longer time together etc. .

But salary is not as good as rental, same zamAt the same time, your work experience also depends on whether you have a 'good' boss, captain and crew.

Charter Yachts

Charter Yachts offer great payment potential. In addition to your fees, it's normal for charter guests to tip 10% of the rental cost, which can lead to large sums of money. For example, a $100.000 charter might yield a $10.000 tip to be shared among the crew. With back-to-back rentals during peak seasons, this could soon increase.

However, guests paying these sums for a rental will expect the team to work long and hard, being on call 7/24. Rarely will you even enjoy excursions/excursions with guests. Also, the turnaround time between charters is usually only 24 hours – so the crew can tire quickly, which affects the dynamics on board.

Why Ete Yachting

Ete Yachtingwas established in 2006 by experienced maritime expert Sertan Untut and provides services in luxury yacht charter, brokerage and management areas in many domestic and international destinations. It is a subsidiary company owned and operated by Perfomax Marine.


Abroad yacht charter business The company also operates in countries such as Canada, America and Greece.

Since we started our business in 2007, we have been offering luxury yacht charter services both domestically and internationally. Customer satisfaction and loyalty zamWe have kept the moment above rapid growth and we will do everything on behalf of our customers to charter, purchase or manage luxury yachts. zamWe aim to show an unrivaled performance at the moment.

We are taking firm steps towards becoming a world-renowned company by establishing honest and sincere relations with our customers.

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