Mercedes-Benz Unimog Offers Unique Solutions With Its Technology Renewed Models

Mercedes-Benz Unimog Offers Unique Solutions With Its Technology Renewed Models
Mercedes-Benz Unimog Offers Unique Solutions With Its Technology Renewed Models

In addition to the U 2021 and U 435 launched in 535, Mercedes-Benz Unimog stands out with its new mid-segment model U 327.

Although it has been on the road for the first time in 75 years, Unimog adapts to the latest technological developments thanks to continuous innovations. Unimog, which strengthens its power with the U 2021 and U 435 models in 535; It stands out with its new mid-segment model U 327, which combines high power, maneuverability and high carrying capacity. Among the innovations of 2021 are the hydropneumatic suspension, which ensures a stable ride in different loading conditions, and the new comfort steering, which provides more steering assistance at low speeds or in a steady state.

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High performance: Unimog U 435 and U 535

The engine of the new U 435 and U 535 models delivers a total of 430 kW (530 hp) more power than the previously sold U 40 and U 54 models. This is a development that heavy segment users will welcome. The in-line 6-cylinder engine produces 180Nm more torque than its predecessor. The new engine, which also provides excellent values ​​in terms of environmental protection and complies with the Euro 6 E emission standard; It offers 1.800 Nm of torque and 1.380 kW (260 hp) of power from 354 rpm to its users.

Offering more power to their users, the New U 435 and U 535 also offer further optimization that drivers can feel immediately. Thanks to the improved shifting coordination and clutch control, interruptions during shifting are significantly reduced. In this way, lower fuel consumption and more comfortable working opportunities are provided in the long term.

More power for the middle segment: U 327

In the middle segment, the U 323 model will be offered for sale in parallel with the previously on sale U327 model. The U323 model produces 170 kW (231 hp), while the U 327 model offers 200 kW (272 hp) to its user. The middle segment Unimog, which has a lighter chassis and shorter wheelbase; It offers high maneuverability and carrying capacity. Equipped with a high-performance engine, the model is also available in a wide-platform and long-wheelbase version for special customer requirements.

Hydropneumatic suspension, comfortable steering wheel and air-conditioned seat

Another innovation of Unimog in 2021 was the use of a hydropneumatic suspension system based on air storage tanks and hydraulic cylinders on the rear axle instead of normal coil springs. System; In addition to stable driving under different loading conditions or rear additional equipment, it provides a more balanced road holding.

The new comfortable steering, which takes the weight of the steering wheel and offers easy steering even when operating in heavy conditions, even when the vehicle is at low speed or stationary, also provides a great advantage when working with large volume tires or heavy front implements such as lawn mowing combinations. The electro-hydraulic steering system, which works depending on the speed, adapts to the relevant driving conditions. This creates a variable steering feel adapted to driving conditions.

While the new "air-conditioned seat" offers comfortable use in any weather temperature, the advanced technology ventilation system provides the desired temperature for the driver's seat.

There are also important improvements for security. Unimog's cab is equipped with cab lower reinforcements and new tube brackets on the A-pillar from 2021. Thus, ECE – R29/03 standard is provided for cabin strength.

Ideal for heavy trailers

The Unimog U 527 and U 535 can be specially equipped for large trailer and drawbar weights. This is an advantage that often applies to tandem or tridem axle trailers, as well as for transport between the field or road and the unloading point. The situation offers wide scope for construction contractors and farmers who are faced with long transportation routes. Beneath the higher load carrying capacity lies the rigid structure of the vehicle.

Unimog's 75th anniversary

The emergence of the Unimog is closely related to Germany's shortage of supplies in the post-war period. Food shortages in 1945 and 1946 gave Albert Friedrich, many years head of aircraft engine development at Daimler-Benz AG, the idea of ​​a motorized agricultural vehicle that could help increase productivity in agriculture. Hans Zabel of Gaggenau, who was involved with the project from the beginning, coined the term “Unimog” (Universal-Motor-Gerät, aka Universal Motor Vehicle) in March 1946. The Unimog was first put for a test drive in October 1946.

The Unimog “Prototype 1” completed its first test drive in 1946. Chief Designer Heinrich Rösler, who was behind the wheel, tested the cabinless and fully timber-laden prototype on rough forest roads.

Unimog, the professional tool of Mercedes-Benz that is successful in every field, has been developed continuously for 75 years. Unimog; today the fire brigade is tackling challenges in agriculture, snow removal and road maintenance. Its efficiency in maintenance and its superior features make Unimog attractive to many farmers, construction contractors and municipalities.

Technical improvements offered on Unimog

EasyDrive: The optional continuously variable traction system combines the advantages of a hydrostat with a mechanical manual transmission. Continuously variable speed settings up to 50 km/h are possible with EasyDrive, which enables the driver to switch between two driving types when necessary and at full speed. Efficient and fuel-efficient driving is achieved with an 89-speed manual gearbox up to 8 km/h.

TireControl Plus: Tire pressure control system offers comfortable use for tire sizes up to 495/70R24 even while driving. The tire pressure can be adjusted according to the relevant conditions using the display. The driver can decide on the required tire pressure at the push of a button on hard or soft ground. This situation; ensures optimum traction, low levels of skid and ground protection.

The all-wheel steerability makes three different types of steering possible for the driver of the Unimog instrument carrier, on models U 423 to U 535: normal steering using the front wheels, four-wheel steering with all wheels at opposite turning angles, and “crab” for diagonal movement with the wheels set in parallel. steering wheel called "walking". As a result; The Unimog's mandatory small turning radius can be reduced by up to 20 percent and the maneuverability of the vehicle can be increased in all operational situations.

VarioPilot: The VarioPilot dual-mode steering wheel allows the driver to switch from left to right. Depending on usage, steering and handling are provided by both sides of the vehicle. In addition; It is also possible to fit a fully glazed front passenger door with a swivel seat to optimize visibility on the right-hand sides, for example when mowing.

LED light package as special equipment: The special equipment LED light package offers excellent lighting conditions both when driving on the road and when using additional devices.

Managing a wide range of applications all year round with a single equipment carrier

Unimog's strength lies in its ability to manage a wide variety of applications all year round with a single equipment carrier. This applies to both conventional snow removal, road maintenance and public green space maintenance applications as well as cross-segment applications. Up to 4 device locations are available. In addition to the front and rear, devices can be mounted between the axles and behind the cab. Mercedes-Benz has special agreements with “Unimog Partners” and “Unimog Specialized Partners” regarding application requirements.

More than 650 service points worldwide

Unimog Service is supported by a globally organized service structure with more than 220 service points in more than 130 countries, of which approximately 650 are in Germany. Unimog service partners, besides repairing vehicles, with bodies and other tools; that is, it deals with the whole system as well.

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