International Automobile Companies Trust Chinese Economy

International Automobile Companies Trust Chinese Economy
International Automobile Companies Trust Chinese Economy

The foreign media evaluated that the leading automobile companies of the world showed great interest in the fair held in Beijing, and that these companies had confidence in the Chinese market.

The 2020 Beijing International Auto Show started on September 26. A large number of international automobile giants participated in the fair, which was planned to be held in April, but was postponed to September due to the new coronavirus (Covid-19) outbreak. Despite the epidemic period, the participation of many international companies in the fair attracted the attention of the foreign press.

In the news published by many foreign press organs, including the AP, about the fair, closure or containment measures could be taken in some cities in Europe due to the seriousness of the epidemic situation, the number of cases in the USA exceeded 7 million, but the Beijing International Auto Fair, China's It has been reported that it has shown success in combating the epidemic. It was stated that China attracted the attention of international automobile giants as the first country to contain the epidemic and revitalize its economy.

According to the statistics released by the China Automobile Industry Association (CAAM), automobile production in the country in August increased by 6,3 percent compared to the same period last year, reaching 2 million 119 thousand. Automobile sales increased by 11,6 percent and reached 2 million 186 thousand. In the last 5 months, the number and sales figures of cars produced in China have steadily increased.

Jochen Goller, General Manager of BMW's China branch, said in a statement that the Beijing International Auto Show is a symbol of hope. Stating that he respected the healthcare personnel in China, Goller said, "We are here thanks to them (Chinese medical personnel)."

Source: China International Radio

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