A Great Contribution to Tourism Will Be Made With Tourist Cell Turkey Application

Tourist Cell Turkey, a holiday application that will provide cheap, trouble-free and one-touch solutions to the internet and communication needs of tourists; tour services, car, home, or rental and all the services that may be needed to meet the holiday shopping as safe with tourists coming to Turkey, will contribute to the business and the economy.

Difficulty accessing the internet and high internet usage fees are the main problems during travels abroad. The first feature in the world and developed to provide a solution to this critical problem Tourist Cell Turkey holiday application of tourists coming to Turkey by providing that the owner of a local official line, will offer opportunities to purchase all their needs easily, especially the internet. Tourist Cell Turkey holiday application, which solves the most basic need of a tourist through the local line provided, promises uninterrupted, local, secure and cheapest communication in addition to the cheapest internet package guarantee. Tourist Celle Turkey, as well as tour services internet services, car, home, or rental, all the products and services that may be needed in resorts such as shop and exchange take with stable and reliable single-price guarantee is bringing tourists coming to Turkey.

One application for all needs

Antalya in Turkey, especially wandering round to secure her place, holiday application that fulfills the quality and the cheapest price Tourist Celle Turkey; It also offers the opportunity to make cheap, trouble-free and one-click rental of all vehicles that may be needed on vacation such as vehicles, houses, yachts, e-bikes, motorcycles and VIP vehicles. The application also allows foreign exchange buying and selling transactions to be carried out with a foreign exchange office representative at the hotel. The application also brings useful information such as benefiting from available discounts, winning lottery, nearest map, emergency numbers, country and city promotions.

Delivery to hotel

After registering for the application, tourists instantly get 2 GB of free internet, and they have the right to use 25 minutes and 750 SMS in a 250 Euro package with the best price guarantee. Tourists before coming to Turkey from Turkey Tourist Celle web site and direct to the point they will be able to create a sim card from the registration application can receive from the hotel. Also tourists at airports, customs ship, country and travel agencies in Turkey, negotiated business areas and can easily access the sim card out of the tourist spots.

Khalil Jumblatt: "We are pleased to applications signed on behalf of Turkey with the first feature in the World"

Providing information about the practices to facilitate the lives of future tourists in Turkey Tourist Cell Turkey CEO Halil Canbolat"We are pleased to applications signed on behalf of Turkey with the first property in the world. With the application, we aim to provide the fastest solution with a single click to all needs of a tourist, especially the internet need, during the holiday. We are aware of how valuable and special it is to have a holiday. With the Tourist Cell Turkey application that we have implemented with this awareness, we add value to every moment of the holiday. As well as tour services Internet services, car, home, or rental, shop and currency like taking a holiday in be needed for all products and services at the cheapest price and reliability guaranteed by bringing the tourists coming to Turkey, we offer a contribution to business and the economy. " said. - Hibya

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