Top 500 IT Companies Left their Mark on 2019


Lidya Group, the leader of the digital printing industry, ranked among the top 2019 IT companies that left their mark on 500, just like every year, in the categories it represents. This year 21.'ci made the "Top 500 IT Companies Turkey 2019- Informatics 500 Survey" results, which were announced recently organized online with an awards ceremony.

Informatics 500 list entering Lydia Group of different categories, including Vodafone, HP Turkey, Lenovo Turkey, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, SAP that Turkey is located in the "International Centered Manufacturer / Manufacturer's Representatives" category, 31.sıra Lydia IT and 49 in Lydia Distribution it can actually rise to the 23rd rank as a group with the total of its companies. Lidya Distribution ranked 4th and Lidya Bilişim ranked 6th in the category of "Internationally Centered Manufacturer / Representative of Manufacturer - Hardware - Printing Systems", another category in the research. Lidya Bilişim took the 6th place in the category of "Internationally Based Manufacturer / Representative of the Manufacturer - Service - Installation / Maintenance / Support Service" in the study, which includes many different categories.

It is proud to be among the leaders of the industry

Explaining that they are the leader of the digital printing machinery sector, Lidya Group Chairman Bekir Öz emphasized that they are among the few companies not only in our country but also in Europe.

“Our company, which started its activities 19 years ago, today serves our country with our regional offices in Istanbul, Izmir, Antalya, Izmit, Konya and our 17 dealers with Xerox, Epson, Efi, Sutec digital printing machines that we represent. With our knowledge, experience, organizational structure and financial power, we are among the few companies not only in our country but also in Europe. In terms of our company, regardless of the conditions, we are always focused on growth, our determination to achieve new successes is high and we use all our knowledge to reach our goals. This year, despite the pandemic affecting the whole world, we aim to grow as a company compared to the previous year. Offers of global brands that want to cooperate with our company are always on our table. All we evaluate them, is the leader of Lydia Group sector and our company is a leader in the industry "Top 500 IT Companies Turkey 2019- Informatics 500 survey" of results in getting the higher ranks in different categories, our employees, our business partners and we are proud with our customers, "he said.

The information and communication technologies sector has exceeded 150 billion TL 

Noting that the size of the information and communication technologies sector in 2019 exceeded 150 billion TL, Lidya Group President Bekir Öz said:

“The information and communication sector grew by approximately 2018% on TL basis in 2019 compared to 14, reaching a volume close to TL 152,7 billion. Here, information technologies, which are among the two basic elements that make up the size of the sector, reached 22 billion TL with a growth of 56,1% on TL basis, while Communication Technologies reached 11 billion TL with a growth of 96,6%. As a matter of fact, when we consider the subtitle of information technologies, there are "hardware, software and services" topics under this heading. Under the heading of communication technologies, there are the headings of "hardware and electronic communication". As it is known, there has been a rapid digital transformation in technology in recent years, and with the pandemic, it was once again revealed how important it is to invest in technology. In our digital printing machines sector, investments continue to gain momentum with digitalization and personalization. Because we know that every 1 unit of investment in technology continues to turn into an added value of 25 units or more. According to the sectoral reports, in the next 5 years, investments in technological fields such as digital transformation, artificial intelligence, cyber security, cloud technology, virtual reality, blockchaing will continue to increase and our industry will continue to incorporate the relevant ones among these technologies.

Turkey Top 500 IT Companies IT 2019- 500 report: 

Internationally Based Manufacturer / Representative of the Manufacturer - Hardware - Printing Systems

  1. Kyocera Bilgitas
  2. Konica Minolta
  3. Lexmark Computing
  4. Lidya Distribution
  5. Tecpro
  6. Lidya IT
  7. R&D Group
  8. Emn Technology
  9. And other companies… 

Internationally Based Manufacturer / Manufacturer's Representative - Service - Installation / Maintenance / Support Service

  1. Saba Turkey
  2. NCR
  3. Konica Minolta
  4. Kyocera Bilgitas
  5. Micro Focus
  6. Lidya IT
  7. Softwareone Turkey
  8. Sovos Turkey
  9. MBİ.S Computer
  10. Tecpro
  11. And other companies…

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