8 International Achievement Awards Received Tofaş

Receiving many national and international awards for its exemplary practices in the field of human resources in recent years Tofaşwon 8 other international awards this year as well.

Tofaş was deemed worthy of 4 different awards from Brandon Hall Group, one of the leading institutions providing research, analysis and consultancy services in the field of Human Resources Management, and 4 different awards by Stevie's, one of the world's most prestigious awards.

Three different first prizes!

Three other applications of Tofaş in the field of human resources were awarded with first place. Employee experience development program “HR Lab”, in which mixed agile staff formed with the willing participation of employees from different units develop projects to enhance employee experience with human-oriented design method and agile approach; Received the first prize in the category of “Most Innovative Human Management Approach” by Brandon Hall Group. Social club activities, events, enthusiastic clubs, sports activities, health services, spiritual counseling services and social facilities, which are offered in order to enhance the well-being and keep their motivation high, by providing the physical, social, emotional, spiritual, financial dimensions of the employees. fabricafe, spore "Health and Social Life Practices in Tofaş", which includes facilities, cooperative and food and beverage facilities, also brought Tofaş first prize.

Digital assistant Zekky, who offers the most appropriate development analysis by blending past training information, competencies and employee responses under a smart algorithm for technical and behavioral development analyzes, was awarded the first prize in the "Most Innovative HR Technology" category.

The youth employment strategy and personalized talent development programs also won awards!

Tofaş also won the second prize in the category of “The Most Decent Youth Employment Strategy”. Stevie's awarded the second prize for "Early Talent Programs", in which we conduct boss brand activities and early talent programs as an integrated strategy, consisting of 6 different internship programs, master and doctorate programs, professional activities, digital mentoring programs and social media studies. The “Internal Assessment Center” application, in which knowledge, skills and competencies are evaluated using special techniques such as interviews, cluster studies and role plays for the selection of the most suitable candidate in the recruitment and “Give Your Career” processes, also received an award. “Personalized Talent Development Programs”, which consist of corporate mentorship, rather mentoring, personal coaching, team coaching and special interest programs, and which create an experience-based and personalized learning procedure using the company's internal resources, were also awarded.

The "Field Worker Technical Competence System", which was established to direct and follow the professional development of field workers, was awarded in the "Most Successful HR Technology" category. The “Local Marketing and CRM Development Program”, which is a long-term program designed to develop dealer service managers and customer service specialists, which aims to reinforce customer satisfaction and customer loyalty in after-sales services, was among the works deemed worthy of reward.

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