TBCW and Adversion Join Forces

With the strategic cooperation agreement between TBCW, one of the largest communication platforms in the Caucasus, and the advertising agency of Felis and Youtube award-winning businesses, Adversion will grow faster in the global market.

As a result of the agreement between TBCW and Adversion, Adversion was established in 2015 under the leadership of advertiser and academician Ufuk Turhan, and will continue its activities under the umbrella of TBCW from now on. Within the framework of the cooperation, Adversion will continue to serve its customers in the same way by maintaining its autonomy while expanding its area of ​​influence with TBCW in the upcoming period.

The reflections of TBCW and Adversion's multilingual, international service structures in their creative policies revealed the LCCV (Lead, Create, Combine, Versionize) model. Creative thinking is based on this new model. Being a pioneer in the model, which aims to direct creative thinking in the most efficient way and to offer the most accurate solutions to customer needs, the concepts of creativity and version come to the fore.

The two agencies, serving in many languages ​​and in many parts of the world, aim to increase the number of offices in Europe in the coming period and to serve the customer needs of different cultures within the framework of originality.

As a result of the agreement, the two agencies serving international clients will be more competitive in the global advertising industry by joining forces, serving their goals in a more assertive manner in a wide range of areas.

About TBCW

Georgia giving and service in Turkey and will soon open in the center of Zurich in office in three different countries and three different ones continent will have offices TBCW, a multicultural way, continues to work by providing services in more than 9 languages.

TBCW and its partners provide communication solutions for their customers, in different languages, internationally and locally. TBCW, which is a growing organization, continues its way by working with assertive brands and names not only in the Caucasus but also around the world.

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