STM presented the Domestic Electronic Monitoring System to the Ministry of Justice


Within the scope of the Domestic Electronic Monitoring System (E-Clamp) developed by STM's main contractor, Deputy Minister of Justice Mr. A presentation was made to the management of Uğurhan Kuş and the General Directorate of Prisons and Detention Houses with an operational scenario regarding the final situation of the project.

Deputy Minister of Justice Uğurhan KUŞ, the contractor firm Defense Technologies Mühendislik ve Ticaret A.Ş. (STM) visited the service building and received information from the authorities.

General Manager of Prisons and Detention Houses Mr. Yılmaz ÇİFTÇİ, Deputy General Manager Hasan AKCEVİZ, Head of Probation Department Mr. Burak CEYHAN attended the informative meeting hosted by STM.

With the information meeting held, the participants were informed about the latest stage of the domestic Electronic Handcuffs, Instant Tracking, House Arrest and Alcohol Monitoring Units and the domestic electronic monitoring software. At the meeting, the first production samples of the units were introduced to the participants, while live applications were made on software and equipment. Local software and equipment are closely monitored by STM officials. zamWhile it was stated that it would be delivered to the Ministry of Justice at the same time and could be used in the field, it was informed that the products that emerged had features that could compete with world examples, and that the developed software and equipment were expected to be demanded from different countries.

At the end of the meeting, Deputy Minister of Justice Uğurhan KUŞ was presented a plaque by Abdurrahman Yavuz GÜVENLİOĞLU, Deputy General Manager of Defense Technologies Engineering and Trade Inc., and the Minister expressed his satisfaction with the point reached in the works.

Electronic Monitoring System; It is a method used in the execution of decisions that enables suspects, accused or convicts to be monitored, kept under surveillance and control in the society with electronic methods and tools, and supports the protection of the victim and the society. As part of the overall objective to prevent and reduce incidents of crime, the project aims to create an effective and functional electronic monitoring system in Turkey in line with European standards. Electronic Clamps are also used in the European Union for social and responsibility tracking purposes for students, in addition to monitoring and detecting defendants and convicts.

Fully domestic system will be used in January 2021

Product development processes have started as of February 2020, and 3 development versions are being developed with the rapid prototyping method. Devices that do not need an additional integration period due to the activities carried out with the principle of continuous integration will start to be used on 1 November 2020. The Electronic Monitoring System, which will operate in parallel with the system currently in use until December 31, 2020, will completely replace the system in use as of January 1, 2021.

Source: defenceturk

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