Roketsan TRLG-230 Land-to-Land Laser Guided National Missile Test Successful

Test shots were carried out in the project of laser seeker head integration to the TRG-2020 Missile System, which was initiated in April 230 by Roketsan, one of the leading defense industry companies in our country. Turkey's land or ground-launched laser-guided and TRLG which is the first rocket-230, will close a valued shortcomings in the Turkish Armed Forces.

In the test conducted by President Recep Tayyip ERDOĞAN during the ceremony held in Roketsan within the scope of the 30th of August Victory Day, the purpose of laser marking by the Bayraktar TB2 SİHA produced by Baykar was destroyed by the Laser Guided 230 mm Missile System (TRLG-230). A laser pointer developed by ASELSAN was used in TB2.

TRLG-230, which will be produced entirely with national resources, will also eliminate a valuable deficiency in the TSK inventory. Currently, the TSK, which has laser-guided ammunition launched from human or unmanned aerial vehicles, will have both the first laser-guided missile that can be launched from a random ground platform and a much cheaper ammunition with the TRLG-230.

The TRG-230 Missile has the ability to create heavy and effective fires on high priority purposes from 20 km to 70 km thanks to its high hit and destructive power. Thanks to these superior features, it provides perfect fire reinforcement to the movement units by creating real and effective firepower on time.

The TRG-230 Missile can be launched from ROKETSAN's MBNRA Weapon System, T-122/300 MBRL Weapon System, and ÇKRA-122/300 Weapon System and other platforms with a suitable middle face for integration.

TRLG-230 Land-to-Land Laser Guided National Missile Specifications

  • Insulated Pod (Insulated against adverse environmental conditions and moisture)
  • Potential Purposes for the TRG-230
  • Port and Airports
  • Gathering Areas (Vehicle and / or Personnel)
  • Sensitive Identified Purposes
  • Logistics Facilities
  • Enemy Artillery and Air Defense Systems
  • Command Control and Communication Systems


  • Diameter: 230 mm
  • Azami Range: 70 km
  • Base Range: 20 km
  • Load: 210 kg
  • Guidance: Global Positioning System (KKS) Reinforced Inertial Navigation System (ANS)
  • Control: Aerodynamic Control with Electromechanical Drive System
  • Fuel Type: Composite Solid Fuel
  • Warhead Type: Destroyed - Fragmented, Destructed - Fragmented (Steel Ball)
  • Warhead Scale: 45 kg
  • Warhead Effective H. Diameter:? 40 m (Particle Effective),? 50 m (Steel Ball)
  • Fuze Type: Proximity (With Shock Backup)
  • CEP: <30 m

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