Roketsan TRLG-230 Missile to Change Balances


Roketsan's TRLG-230 missile system was developed to hit targets marked by UAVs and UAVs from land, and images of test firing were published for the first time. 

He told Defense Industry Analyst Kadir Doğan about the critical features of the ammunition, which President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan announced, saying, "This new development will add strength to the strength of our soldiers at the front."

Doğan reminded that the TRLG-230 is a laser-guided missile system and that laser guidance was integrated into the TRG-230 ammunition by Roketsan.

Reminding that non-guided ammunition has a disadvantage against dynamic targets, Doğan said, “Laser guided ammunition has become much more important in recent years, especially with the development of Unmanned Aerial Systems and Stabilized Imaging Systems (ISP) belonging to these systems. Targets that are 'illuminated' by various elements, especially unmanned aerial systems, can be destroyed very precisely with such land-based ammunition. " said.


"What will be the advantages of the TRLG-230 missile to the TSK?" Replying to the question, Doğan said:

“These types of ammunition provide a serious advantage to the forces, especially in two aspects. The first is the ability to destroy with high sensitivity to dynamic targets. This skill ensures that critical targets are destroyed with high precision in dynamic battlefields. This is also a very serious situation that affects the result in the war zones. The second thing is cost effectiveness. Such products can be used much more cost-effectively compared to other platforms, due to their small CEP values ​​and being based on portable land. "

Stating that the TRLG-230 will strengthen the hand of the Turkish Armed Forces in the Aegean and Eastern Mediterranean, Doğan said, “It has been announced that the TRLG-230 has an effective range of 70 km. Looking only at the effective range of these elements may not give very accurate results here, because these are mobile systems. Such elements can provide a serious advantage in instantly destroying critical targets, especially in low-intensity conflicts.


Such guided munitions are systems that can have a very high impact on the field. This comes back to you as a deterrent. Especially, when we look at the recent events in the Mediterranean and Aegean zamWe saw how important these deterrent elements are. The location of the islands illegally armed by Greece is also examined. zamAt the moment, it would not be wrong to say that this or such platforms can emerge as a serious deterrent element in this emerging struggle ”.

Roketsan TRLG-230 Missile Promotion Video


Turkey's recent joint mobility Noting that it is used effectively and be hit quite critical Dogan said:

“The most important issue for me is that this ammunition fires at the target marked from an Unmanned Aerial System, because this is a great success in terms of the“ joint operation capability ”that I have always mentioned. The more the "awareness" of Unmanned Aerial Systems can be shared with other elements, the more the effectiveness of those elements increases. Transferring data from an unmanned aerial system to a land-based ammunition in this way is also important for data communication integration. Turkey, every day on the way to put "joint operations capability" increases. If this development continues at the same momentum, the developments will have much more impact on the field and the table ”- NEW ŞAFAK

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