Winners of Roketsan Rocket Competition Announced!

The winners of the Rocket Competition, which was organized with the support of Roketsan, which aims to encourage young people to grow as individuals who contribute to domestic and national production, have been announced. Pamukkale University Caspian Rocket Teams succeeded in being the first two years in a row.

Continuing to invest in the youth of Turkey in line with national technology moves Roketsan'ın, which is sponsored by the scope TEKNOFEST collaboration with TUBITAK SAGE Rocket Contest winners have been announced. According to the results, Caspian Rocket Teams competing in both high and medium altitude categories won the first place in both categories. Caspian Rocket Teams, which came first in the high altitude category in the competition held last year; completed the Rocket Competition with 3 awards in total, as the winner of the "Best Design" award in the high altitude category.

Young Mimar Sinan Vefa Rocket Team succeeded in being the second in the high altitude category, while the Yıldız Rocket Team was the second and the YTÜ SİTARE team was the third in the middle altitude. In the low altitude category, Tanyeli Rocket Team came first, Anadolu Rocket Team came second, and Vefa Unmanned Systems Team came third. In the competition, the teams were awarded with the titles of "Best Team Spirit" and "Best Design Award" according to their categories. Halley's Apprentices, Çelikyay Space and Aviation Team and Nebula Rocket Team were deemed worthy of the "Best Team Spirit" award, while the Anadolu Rocket Team and Maverik Rocket Technologies Team won the "Best Design" award as well as the Caspian Rocket Teams.

Murat İKİNCİ: "We will continue to support our youth"

Roketsan General Manager Murat İKİNCİ, who did not leave the youth alone during the TEKNOFEST Rocket Competition held in Tuz Gölü in Aksaray between September 2-9, congratulated the winning teams: As the Roketsan Family, acting with the mission of 'serving our nation from under the sea to space', we do our best to support our youth. zamWe will continue now,” he said.

516 teams applied, 82 competed

516 teams that passed the pre-evaluation processes among the 82 teams that applied for this year's competition; It struggled in three categories: low, common and high altitude. Teams of high school, undergraduate and graduate students were asked to design and manufacture rocket carrying 4 kg and more in one of the low, medium or high altitude categories they participated in, and make them ready for launch. In the competition, the team that came first in its category won 50 thousand TL, the second team won 40 thousand TL, and the third team won 30 thousand TL. The winning teams will receive their awards at a ceremony within the scope of TEKNOFEST, which will be held in Gaziantep between September 24-27.


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