"Miracle Cushion Technology" in Reflux Treatment

reflux disease commonly seen in Turkey, though there is a problem that manifests itself in problems with heartburn and heartburn can lead to cough and hoarseness. In the world, a reflux was seen in five people, this ratio shows change in Turkey by region. Studies on the subject reveal that 88.9 percent of patients experience attacks at night, 49 percent have difficulty falling asleep, and 58.9 percent of them wake up frequently. Experts also point out that sleep is very important in this process, as the disease causes both falling asleep and waking up at night. In this context, İşbir Bedding, which offers medical solutions, continues to offer technologies that increase the chance of recovery in reflux treatment with its Reflux Max and Reflu Med products.

Reflux med and reflux max balance functions

Occasionally, certain disorders may occur in the stomach, which carries out enormous metabolic activities in the human body as the basic part of the digestive system. Generally, these ailments include heartburn, heartburn, gastritis, ulcers and reflux. Kitchen structure, diet and lifestyles in our country are also among the factors that cause this disorder to be seen very often. Reflux is caused by functional loosening of the valve between the esophagus and the stomach due to a mechanical reason such as a hernia. In this sense, patients should also take certain measures to achieve a more comfortable life. The brand prevents contact of stomach acid with the esophagus during sleep by providing a positional advantage with Reflux Med and Reflux Max pillows, which it produces as a precaution against these ailments. Same zamAt the moment, the viscoelastic material on the lying side of the pillows also helps to ensure perfect air circulation.

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