Massey Ferguson: Next Generation MF 8S Series To Be Available Soon

Massey Ferguson launches the “MF 8S Series” in October, which includes all the features needed in today's agriculture, where technology-compatible productivity stands out. All over the world and their spouses in Turkey zamPre-orders have already begun from various cities for MF 8S Series tractors, which will be available immediately.

One of the most striking features of the new series is that it significantly increases efficiency while reducing costs.

The new “MF 8S Series” tractors, launched by AGCO's worldwide brand Massey Ferguson, after a long development process, bring comfort and efficiency for smart and sustainable agriculture.

Launch of first worldwide virtual environments in a series of recently conducted a new generation of tractors located all over the world and in Turkey in October, will be presented to the consumer at the same time. Pre-orders for products started to be collected.

Designed to meet the needs of modern and sustainable agriculture, the MF 8S Series provides an enhanced user experience with products that offer the benefits of smart agricultural technologies to farmers with satellite-internet connection.

AGCO Turkey General Manager Mete Hasan: "We are opening a new era for the Massey Ferguson brand and the agricultural sector"

AGCO Turkey General Manager Mete Hasan, AGCO's R & D annually about 400 million dollars spent and that the latest technology in efficient to feed the growing world population, the main objective, lucrative, to support the production of the farmers stressed that making technological studies. increasing the importance of agriculture with the latest developments will increase the transfer of AGCO Turkey General Manager Mete Hasan, "Therefore, the product of a long development process from drawing excited 8S MF Series on the market. The state-of-the-art systems and equipment in the series stand out with their simple and reliable use, as well as offering fully connected services with a comprehensive range of satellite and internet infrastructure, significantly increasing productivity and reducing costs for the agricultural producer. With the MF 8S Series, we don't just offer one tractor to the agricultural market, the same zam"We are opening a new era for our brand and the agricultural sector."

Perfected after 7 years of testing

Designed by farmers who also know what they need for farmers, the MF 8S Series has been perfected around the world after 7 years of testing and extensive customer reviews. One of the main advantages of the MF 8S Series, which is an important step forward in the field of agricultural machinery, with its precise features for smart and sustainable agriculture, is that it allows farmers to choose only the features they need in the tractor and pay only for them.

The range includes 4 completely new tractor models that stand out with their unique "Protect-U" cab / engine setup and a radical "neo-retro" design. Built on a 3,05 meter wheelbase, the MF 8S Series offers maximum power between 205 and 265 hp, and all models generate an additional 20 hp with “Engine Power Management (EPM)”.

Massey Ferguson same in new series zamIt also brought in new and clear model numbering. Accordingly, when the "MF 8S.265" model is taken into account, "8"; While it stands for Series, the "S" stands for the Upper segment specification level and the last three digits refer to the maximum power value.

Cloud based solutions

In the MF 8S Series, finance, extended warranty and replacement machines can also be included in the purchased product. In addition, with MF Connect Telemetry and new (depending on countries) MyMF Customer Portal services, users can manage their fleets with MF cloud-based solutions.

Pre-orders from various provinces from Konya to Mardin

MF 8S Series products have already started receiving requests from many provinces. Tens of pre-orders were placed from Ankara, Izmir, Konya, Adana, Mardin and Sivas for 245 Dyna-CT, Dyna-7, 205 Dyna-CT, 225 Dyna-CT, 265 Dyna-CT models from the first days for new series tractors. - Hibya

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