Universal Health Insurance Facilitates Citizens' Access to Healthcare Services

Zehra Zümrüt Selçuk, Minister of Family, Labor and Social Services, stated that the number of applications for health services per capita increased from 2002 percent in 3,1 to 10,3 thanks to the General Health Insurance.

Minister Selçuk made statements regarding the reforms of the Social Security Institution since 2002 in terms of access to health services.

Stating that health services, which have been provided under different laws since 2002, have been combined under a single roof with the social security reform, Minister Selçuk noted that in 2012, all citizens were covered by General Health Insurance (GSS) and that great convenience was provided.

A zamReminding that insured persons cannot be examined in the hospitals they want, Minister Selçuk stated that GSS has facilitated access to health services and that health services are now widely and effectively provided regardless of the economic status of the citizens.

Transition from Multiple System to Single System in GSS

Minister Selçuk emphasized that the GSS system was changed to a single premium system instead of the staggered premium system, and that the general health insurance premium rate, which is currently applied in 3 categories, was reduced to one category. Selçuk stated that the amount to be paid for GSS is 2020 TL per month for 88.29, and that the premium amount paid is included in the scope of GSS not only for the person himself, but also for the family members who are dependent on him.

Emphasizing that with the General Health Insurance implementation, access to healthcare has been facilitated and the opportunity to apply directly or with referrals to healthcare institutions, Minister Selçuk noted that a legal regulation has been made to limit the additional fee rates received by private health institutions.

Our Youth Up To The Age Of 25, Have GSS For 2 More Years

Minister Selçuk: “In addition, the number of premium days or premium debt is not taken into account in cases such as occupational accidents, occupational diseases and preventive health services for our young people who are under the age of 18 and those who are in need of care of someone else. Our citizens within this scope have the right to benefit from health services. "

In addition, Minister Selçuk stated that high school graduates are under the scope of GSS until the age of 20 and university graduates until the age of 25, without paying any premium for 2 more years.

Stating that some facilities were also provided during the Covid-19 pandemic process, Minister Selçuk said, "Our citizens, who have received cash wage support as of April 1, have no social security, are within the scope of GSS."

The lowest retirement pension rose to 1.500 TL

Reminding that improvements have been made for about 13 million retired citizens, Minister Selçuk first noted that the lowest pensions were increased to 2019 lira in 1000 and to 2020 TL in April 1.500. Minister Selçuk also stated that 2018 billion lira has been paid in the Bayram bonuses launched in 64.2.

Minister Selçuk also shared the information that with the regulations made in the Health Implementation Communiqué, the total number of medicines paid for has reached 8.

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