In How Many Years, Where Was The Baksı Museum Built?

Baksı Museum is an art museum located in Bayraktar Village, 45 km from Bayburt. The word baksı, which is the old name of Bayraktar Village where it was founded, means scholar, physician and shaman in ancient Turks. The museum is home to contemporary art and traditional handicrafts.

The museum, which has sections such as exhibition halls, warehouse museum, workshops, conference hall, library and guesthouse, is established on an area of ​​40 decares. Bayburtlu artist and academician Prof. Dr. It was built by Hüsamettin Koçan in 2012. The museum idea, which started to be formed in 2000, continues to develop with a Baksı Culture and Art Foundation in 2005. The main building is completed in 2010 without any financial aid from the government. The Istanbul Modern Presentation was held in June 2010 and its opening to the public was held in July. In 2012, the Warehouse Museum, the museum's new exhibition hall, was opened.

The Baksı Museum received the “Council of Europe Museum Award of the Year 2014”, given under the auspices of the European Parliamentary Assembly, on Tuesday, 8 April, at Palais Rohan, Strasbourg. The symbol of the award, Joan Miro's bronze statuette named Woman with Beautiful Breasts was exhibited at the Museum for 1 year.

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