Vehicle License Plate Inquiry How?

Vehicle Number Plate Inquiry How to ?: With the recently increasing vehicle prices, users started to demand more second-hand vehicles. Inquiring a vehicle is very valuable in the name of not making the wrong choices in case you buy a used vehicle. If you do not have the budget to buy a new vehicle or if you prefer a second-hand vehicle, you should inquire about the vehicle's damage record and history. Otherwise, you may run into big issues afterwards. Users have different options for vehicle license plate query. These options are; Inquiry through e-Government, SMS, General Directorate of Security website, Insurance Information and Supervision Center. Okay, how to make a vehicle query with license plate?


e-Government with the tools plate interrogation, is performed by logging into the application from the website. Apart from the e-Government password, users can login; They can use portable signature, e-signature, TR ID card and internet banking options. After logging into e-Government, the General Directorate of Security menu opens from the e-Services theme. Inquiry can be made with the "Vehicle license plate inquiry" contact from the menu.

As a result of vehicle license plate inquiry; Information such as the brand, color, model, owner document date and registration unit of the vehicle can be viewed. Apart from these; It is also possible to find out whether there is a deprivation of rights and whether the vehicle is stolen.


You can use the SMS method to find out the damage history of a vehicle from the license plate and chassis number, and to query an accident.

  • In order to search the license plate, it is enough to write the license plate of the vehicle you are investigating in a combined form and send it to 5664 by paying an SMS service fee. In this way, you can access old damage information even if the plate of the vehicle has changed.
  • You can also receive information about the traffic policy, the status of the accident report and the life insurance policy information about the deceased persons via SMS.
  • For this process, it does not matter from which operator the SMS is sent. With this application, the damage status of the vehicle can be reached. SMS price is 9,5 TL for each inquiry.
  • In addition, to find out whether there is a changed module in the vehicle, it can be learned by typing MODULE SPACE PLATE and sending an SMS to 5664.
  • You can learn the modules that have changed in accidents with an expert report by writing CUT-OFF BLANK PLATE BLANK DAMAGE DATE and sending an SMS to 5664.
  • In order to inquire with the chassis number of the vehicle, it is enough to write the DAMAGE CAPACITY SHAFT NUMBER and send an SMS to 5664.
  • To find out the chassis number of the vehicle and all the detail information, write the DETAIL S SPACE SHAFT NUMBER and send an SMS to 5664.
  • In order to inquire about the changing cutting information regarding the vehicle, write CUTTING BLANK PLATE BLANK ACCIDENT DATE and send an SMS to 5664.
  • In order to query the changed module information with the chassis number, it will be enough to write the CUT-CUT EMPTY S SHAFT NUMBER CLEARANCE ACCIDENT DATE and send an SMS to 5664.


For the vehicle license plate query via the General Directorate of Security, an entry is made to ​​website. The "Traffic Ticket and Parking Inquiry" contact opens. The vehicle license plate query process can be performed by typing the name, surname and TR ID number.


The inquiry process with the Insurance Information and Supervision Center is done on the website Following the login process of the website, an inquiry can be made with the vehicle license plate and TR ID number using the "Queries and Online Transactions" relationship.

First Make Inquiry From Plate

After researching whether the vehicle you will buy second hand is suitable for you, the first step you need to do is the questioning process from the plate. Investigate the historical damage record and mileage of the vehicle.

Find Out The Market Price Of The Vehicle

Before contacting the seller, find out the market value of the vehicle you have chosen. Make sure that the other vehicles you are researching are one-to-one model and one-to-one age. Later, in your meeting with the seller, you will be able to make the price index better.

See the Vehicle with Your Eyes

Inspect the vehicle in daylight. Open the hood, doors and tailgate. Inspect for body scratches, holes, and rust. Take a shot or two around the vehicle and see if all its modules are identical in color. Check the radiator. Take a look at the engine and pull the dipstick to check the color of the oil at the end and the water color of the radiator.

Check Chassis and Engine Number.

Check that the numbers match the vehicle registration number and engine number. With these numbers, you can get more detailed information about the vehicle.

Take a Test Drive

It is one of the most pleasant ways to get information about the vehicle, to get to know the vehicle, but do not settle for just driving for a short time. Control from the movement of the radio and seats to the hot and cold setting of the heating system.

Have Expertise In Absolutely Sturdy Company

For a reasonable price, show your vehicle to a good master. If the vehicle is serviced, visit the service of the relevant brand and ask for service records. Even if the service is not registered, go to the service and make a mileage query for the vehicle.

Consult Your Insurance Company

Go to your insurer, if any, or a random insurance agency, and have a car insurance and accident query using the license plate and chassis number. In this way, you can find out whether the vehicle has an accident record in the past. Be prepared for surprises. - News7

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