Adana Transportation Zam!

Adana Metropolitan Municipality Leader Zeydan Karalar announced on his Twitter account that student tariffs were increased by 7,1%, full ticket tariffs by 28,5% and teacher tariffs by 33,3% in buses.

Accordingly, the full ticket was 2,90 TL, the teacher 2,40 TL, and the student 1,50 TL. In the statement made by the Metropolitan Municipality, it was stated that they apologized to the people of Adana for their increase. In the statement that the last price adjustment was made 3 years ago, the dollar increased by 115 percent during this period, 38 percent of the fuel and 51 percent of the market-market (rifle) prices with official data. zamHowever, it was mentioned that they did not increase a single penny, and that they had no choice but to increase.

On the other hand, minibus prices are also zamwhile getting paid, the student tariff $ 2,05, if full fee 3.50 tbsp It was reported. For those who want to board the minibuses with an electronic ticket instead of card boarding, 4,25 tbsp recorded to pay.

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