Cisco and Oxbotica: OpenRoaming Platform Introduced as a Solution Platform for Autonomous Vehicles

Driverless vehicles generate 1.2TB of data every day. By 2024, more than 70 million new networked vehicles will enter the market each year. This amount of data is equivalent to 500 HD quality movies or 200.000 songs. Developed in partnership with Cisco and Oxbotica, the OpenRoaming platform plays a key role in securely sharing the large amount of data generated by driverless vehicle fleets.

Cisco signed an important partnership with Oxbotica, one of the world's leading technology companies in the field of DRIVER-FREE (autonomous) vehicle software. In this way, it will be possible to demonstrate practically how the OpenRoaming platform can unlock the potential of self-driving fleets of all systems connected to the network and enable the sharing of large amounts of data securely and smoothly, even while on the move.

Data equivalent to 500 HD movies

Driverless vehicles perform 150 independent vehicle detections per second and generate up to 80GB of data per hour with sensors such as LIDAR, cameras and RADAR as well as Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS). This continuous process means that 16TB of data is produced in a 1.2-hour period. This corresponds to 500 HD quality movies or more than 200.000 songs, and most of this data is collected on the return of the vehicle to the base.

By 2024, more than 70 million new networked vehicles will enter the market each year, each requiring 8.3 GB of data upload and download capacity per day. For a comparison, the average smartphone produces only one-fifth of this daily amount of data.

The amount of data generated by a fleet of driverless vehicles covering hundreds or even thousands of vehicles in a city or region is far above the amount that can be shared efficiently and cost-effectively using the existing 4G network or the developing 5G network. Oxbotica began road tests in Stratford, east London, to tackle this problem last September.

OpenRoaming solution

OpenRoaming offers solutions to solve the problem of driverless vehicle fleets in transferring large amounts of data. The OpenRoaming solution, created by a combination of service and solution providers under the leadership of Cisco, is automatically trusted by using the login information provided by the original material manufacturers or driverless vehicle software companies, without the need to enter the username and password of smartphones or driverless vehicles by using standards-based wireless technology. It enables it to connect to a Wi-Fi hotspot and networks. OpenRoaming is especially suitable for networked vehicles. Using this platform, these vehicles will be able to benefit from Wi-Fi points that will be located in places such as gas stations, charging stations for electric vehicles, parking lots and auto services.

The Next Generation Networked Vehicles Trials, organized in collaboration with Oxbotica and Cisco, show Oxbotica customers how to integrate the world's leading mobile autonomous IP into their products, adapt them to their needs and gain access. The tested platform was designed to be fully scalable and usable in many different vehicle fleets, regardless of size or location. In addition to these features, the platform also has the ability to upload and transfer data in a cost-effective and secure manner.

Oxbotica CEO Ozgur Seeder He said on the subject: "As part of our Universal Autonomy vision, our pioneering software reduces the amount of data that needs to be shared already, allowing vehicles to work wherever they are, with or without a network connection. In fact, our software is designed to work without being dependent on any infrastructure; Thus, it can perceive the environment in which the vehicle is located in all details. However, we are also aware that in the self-driving world, fleets must upload and download huge amounts of data. Our partnership with Cisco gives us the opportunity to solve this problem, which will be one of the top priority issues regarding data in the future, today.

A cost effective alternative

Cisco Turkey General Manager Didem Duru said, "Today they work for driverless vehicles zamthe moment is generating huge amounts of data. The most important thing to overcome is to determine how to collect these data from vehicles automatically and at the most cost-effective cost. Tomorrow's networked vehicles will have the same problem. OpenRoaming emerges as a cost-effective alternative to automatically transferring large amounts of data from or to vehicle." said. - Hibya

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