STM Signed New Contract for Elasticity Decision Support Model


The new model, called the NATO SHAPE Integrated Elasticity Decision Support Model, will be delivered on 8 December 31, which will conduct an integrated elasticity assessment for 2020 countries. The new version model to be developed by STM is expected to be tested in February 2021, at the Crisis Management Exercise (CMX), which is NATO's largest-scale exercise.

With this Elasticity Decision Support Model, which is based on the sustainability of security, in addition to what may be the strategic effects and critical changes of events such as war, natural disasters, large-scale migration movements and cyber attacks; The possible consequences for civilian and military system elements are analyzed. In the developed model, the final effects of shock types in different areas such as energy, transportation and communication and possible risks can also be analyzed on a scenario-based basis. This whole process provides NATO with decision support on the investments to be made at the strategic level and the resources to be allocated, while facilitating the decision-making processes regarding the steps to be taken by the authorities and the measures they can take.

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