No Worries About Being Cheated On A Second Hand Vehicle


Within the scope of the "Second Hand Vehicle Regulation" implemented by the Ministry of Commerce, second-hand vehicles are required to have expertise reports, while vehicles are repaired under warranty when mechanical or electrical malfunctions occur.

Tur Assist, the industry leader in assistance services, in the new era; Warranty Practical & Warranty Plus Used Car Warranty Packages guarantee those who dream of cars.

Tur Assist Marketing Manager, Nil Mutlu Turhan said, “We put an end to the concerns of the citizens with the guarantee packages we have prepared in accordance with the new regulation for used cars. Even if a vehicle that is under guarantee fails, the towing service is immediately activated within the scope of the service. "If there is a breakdown in a part under the responsibility, necessary actions are taken without paying a fee."

zero mileage vehicles in Turkey, while there was the problem of finding, in the first six months of 2020 (January to June 2020); The second-hand online passenger and light commercial vehicle market increased by 12 percent compared to the same period last year, reaching 939.467. While the demand for second-hand vehicles increases with each passing year, thousands of people who dream of an automobile are concerned about whether I will be deceived or will there be a big problem with the vehicle I bought.

In order to eliminate these concerns and bring a standard to the sector, the Ministry of Commerce imposed authorization certificates and expertise on vehicles for those who want to trade second hand vehicles as of September 1. According to the regulation, vehicles without expertise will not be sold, vehicles between 2 and 8 years old and under 160 thousand kilometers will be guaranteed 3 months and 5 thousand kilometers from the date of sale.

17 years of experience

Tur Assist, the leader of the sector in the field of assistance services, in the new era; Warranty Practical & Warranty Plus Used Car Warranty Packages guarantee those who dream of cars.

Tur Assist Marketing Manager Nil Mutlu Turhan said, “We have been providing second-hand automobile warranty service since 2003. Now it has been made mandatory by the Ministry of Commerce. With our nearly 17 years of experience, we will have important services in this new period. As Tur Assist, we will continue to add value to used vehicles with the Warranty packages we offer to our individual customers ”.

No charge if covered

Turhan said, “Buyers can face unexpected expenses in used cars. While protected second-hand vehicle warranty package with users, while also offering the possibility of getting fast and professional service to our customers with our extensive service network spread to every corner of Turkey, "he said. Turhan also shared the following information about the service received: “Many parameters are taken into consideration while preparing the expertise report. The parts not covered are determined and shared with the customer. Parts with no problem are under our warranty. If a vehicle breaks down, we provide towing service according to its condition. Then the fault is fixed at the contracted services. If the failure occurs in the part under warranty, no fee is charged. "

Package features

According to the guarantees of the Warranty Practical and Warranty Plus automobile warranty packages, passenger cars and light commercial vehicles should not exceed the age of 8 and should not exceed 160 thousand kilometers. Warranty Practical secures passenger and light commercial vehicles up to 3 thousand kilometers for 5 months, 1 year or 15 thousand kilometers with two separate packages, while Warranty Plus protects passenger cars and light commercial vehicles up to 1 year or 25.000 kilometers.

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