Türkcell GNÇYTNK: New Graduate Recruitment Program Has Ended

The evaluation process at GNÇYTNK, the new graduate recruitment program launched by Turkcell for the fifth time this year, has been concluded. The young people who participated in the program, where approximately 63 thousand applications were made, had the opportunity to improve themselves while approaching step by step the job they had dreamed of. For the first time this year, in the GNÇYTNK program, in which young people under the age of 2 are admitted to the university, new graduates, graduate and doctorate students with a maximum of 27 years of experience in business life, in order to support the reverse brain drain, we cooperate with the Presidency Human Resources Office. Turkish citizens living were also reached.

Turkcell General Manager Murat Erkan: "We are happy to bring 150 young people into our family"

Turkcell General Manager Murat Erkan Turkcell General Manager Murat Erkan, as well as to contribute to youth employment of GNÇYTNK program, Turkey will give direction to the digital conversion specifying great importance in terms of upbringing of new human resources, he said: "Turkcell Young Talents program, our 5th year We are very happy to have added 150 more talented young people to our family. Turkcell is one of the companies that our young people who graduate from the best universities want to work most. We see this as one of the results of our pioneering in the digital transformation of our country. In order to continue this pioneering, we will continue our support so that our newly joined young people can further develop themselves. We see this as an important contribution to the GNÇYTNK Turkey's youth employment programs. Thus, we invest in new human resources required to take the digital transformation that will carry our country to the future to the next level. We rely on our young people to fulfill our strategic responsibility and aim to increase the support we give them. "

A first from GNÇYTNK: Equal opportunity for disabled candidates

Beyond a recruitment program, GNÇYTNK has been run like a "digital career preparation" program this year. The 2554 candidates who successfully passed the General Ability and English exams and reached the video interview stage, developed their digital competencies by receiving certified training through the Developers of the Future Platform offered by Turkcell Academy. As a result of the final evaluation made between the managers of the department they want to work with and the 662 candidates who came to the video interview stage, 150 young talents who accepted the offer presented had the opportunity to make their dreams come true at Turkcell.

With Turkcell's strong infrastructure, many firsts were implemented in the remotely conducted evaluation process this year: Artificial intelligence technology was used to analyze the audio and video of the candidates. In this way, data on the most frequently used words and emotional states of the candidates were used. One of the most important innovations of the program this year was the development of online application and evaluation processes to provide 100% equal opportunity to disabled candidates. As a result of this work, three visually impaired candidates who successfully passed all stages joined the Turkcell family as Young Talents.

925 young people joined the Turkcell family with GNÇYTNK

Turkcell General Manager Murat Erkan said that a total of 5 young talents have joined the Turkcell family with the GNÇYTNK program, which has been running for 925 semesters, and said, “Also, hundreds of young people have the opportunity to discover and develop their talents with the projects they develop by doing internships in different departments of Turkcell thanks to our STAJCELL program. With the STAJCELL program, we provided internship opportunities to 2020 young people in the summer of 200. We also follow these young people, whom we are proud of and learn a lot from innovative perspectives. "We are constantly expanding our talent pool with the project camps, hackathons and online competitions we organize throughout the year."

Young Talents and children both laughed

Young Talents stepped into their working lives with social benefits, with the project realized in cooperation with the Laughing Better Association. While young talents who joined the Turkcell family uploaded their smiling photos on the “Young Talent 2020” channel on the BiP platform, they both immortalized the day they started working and these photos were transformed into toys and sent to the children undergoing treatment. -

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