Build an Immune Shield Against Coronavirus


The coronavirus pandemic continues to affect the whole world. It is important to wear a mask, stay away from crowded environments, comply with hygiene and social distance rules, protect against the virus and prevent its spread. Having a strong immune system in this process also has a protective effect not only against coronavirus but against many diseases. Uz. From the Memorial Wellness Nutrition Counseling Department. Dyt. Yeşim Temel Özcan gave information about ways to increase body resistance.

The immune system, with its different defense mechanisms, protects human beings against the damage of microorganisms such as viruses, bacteria, fungi and parasites that can cause infection and illness. A healthy body; Thanks to the immune system, it fights the bad bacteria it encounters. In cases where this war is lost, the disease situation arises.

Immune system also needs help

The task of the immune system is to prevent foreign organisms from entering the body, if microbes have entered the body, to destroy them, to prevent or delay their spread. One of the most important features of the immune system is its ability to recognize and distinguish millions of different foreign microbes. All the cells in charge see the stranger they encounter first, save them in their memory, and then fight when they see them. The immune system maintains this task for life, but may need help under certain conditions.

Behaviors affect health, health life

When dealing with a disease table, all existing symptoms should be evaluated as a whole. hormone balance, oral health, intestinal health, pain conditions, allergies, sleep patterns and body reactions should be investigated. The effects of human behavior on health, health behavior, physical activity, diet and condition are determined from the first moment to the last disease picture. In the treatment process, the changes to be made in the lifestyle and nutrition are gradually passed into the life of the patient. Vitamins and minerals needed by the body are determined and the person regains his health. Not being sick again after the person regains his health, zamthe moment must hold strong.

10 ways to boost the immune system

1-Meat and dairy products obtained from animals fed naturally in the open air should be consumed. In addition, bones and meat juices obtained by cooking over low heat for a long time support the immune system by healing the damaged intestinal wall.

2- Foods containing prebiotics such as onions, garlic, leeks, celery and pumpkin should be eaten in abundance.

3- Freshly squeezed vegetable juices remove heavy metal and toxin wastes accumulated in the body.

4- You should regularly consume green leafy vegetables such as parsley, arugula coriander, green onion. These vegetables are the same zamSince they are alkaline at the moment, they protect the pH balance of the body and prevent the growth of harmful bacteria.

5- Naturally fermented foods such as probiotic food supplements, homemade yoghurt, kefir and pickles should be consumed.

6- Olive oil, nuts, fish and seed oils should be used as cold pressed.

7- 1,5-2 liters of water should be drunk a day.

8- Exercise should be done regularly in open and fresh air.

9- Adequate and regular sleep strengthens the immune system.

Between the months of April and October, the sun rays fall perpendicular to the earth for 10 minutes between 11.00-15.00. Sunbathing is necessary for vitamin D synthesis, which is important for the immune system.

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