2020 Model Fiat 500 SCT ZamCurrent Price List

Special Consumption Tax (SCT) at the beginning of last week zamDid very upset many citizens who were thinking of buying cars. The fact that it came at a time when we were expecting a decrease in automobile prices created a shock effect. Incoming SCT zamAs you can imagine, some brands have updated car prices after? In particular, the new regulation, where the tax rates on imported vehicles changed, quickly reflected on the prices. Here comes the equipment packages of the 2020 model Fiat 500. zamupdated prices after s;

After the change in SCT rates, zam The news came from the 2020 model Fiat 500 front. We have listed the new prices of these models with different engine sizes, including Fiat 500, Fiat 500L and Fiat 500X.

  • 500 Popstar 1.2 Fire 69HP MTA: Price 153.000 TL
  • 500 Lounge 1.2 Fire 69 HP MTA: Price: 162.900 TL
  • 500 Star 1.2 Fire 69HP MTA: Price: 171.900 TL

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