15 Billion Euros Investment from Volkswagen to Electric Transportation in China


Car maker Volkswagen Group China announced on Monday that it plans to invest a total of approximately 2020 billion euros (about US $ 2024 billion) in e-mobility technologies with its joint ventures between 15 and 17,5.

According to the statement made by the group, the investment in China will be in addition to the 33 billion euro investment Volkswagen Group announced for the same period in the development of electric transportation technologies on a global scale.

Volkswagen plans to produce 2025 different new energy vehicle (NEV) models in total by 15, within the scope of its electrification and digitalization strategy. 35 percent of the company's product portfolio in China consists of all-electric models.

China close zamannounced that it had set a climate target to reduce carbon emissions to zero by 2060. This target is expected to accelerate the transition to green and low-carbon development all over the world.

“We welcome this goal,” said Stephan Woellenstein, CEO of Volkswagen Group China. We are already aiming for this with our 'goTOzero' (reach zero) strategy ”.

“Volkswagen is determined to be an active partner in the country's electrification and carbon emissions efforts,” Woellenstein said.

China aims for its carbon dioxide emissions to peak before 2030 and to reduce carbon emissions to zero before 2060.

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