Atmaca Missile Will Be In Service At The End Of 2020

There is a short time left for the Atmaca Anti-Ship Missile System, which is preparing to replace the Harpoon Missile system within the scope of domestic and national production.

Developed in line with the requirements of the Turkish Naval Forces Command, the Atmaca Anti-Ship Missile System is preparing to have its name written in gold letters with its local and national stance on the inventory.


The Atmaca Missile was also introduced with an image released during the opening ceremony of Roketsan's new headquarters, one of the valuable manufacturers of the Turkish defense industry.


Technological systems with superior properties in Turkey Atmaca point of the first cruise missiles, with a range of over 200 kilometers intention of hitting ability.

Local productions were proudly presented at the Roketsan Satellite Launch, Space Systems and Advanced Technologies Research Center and Explosive Raw Material Production Facility, held with the participation of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.

President Erdoğan, “Victories are celebrated with these works, not words. If you are determined to say victory, you will sew these works. " used the terms.

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