Handover Ceremony of General Directorate was held in Roketsan

In Roketsan, the Handover Ceremony was held in honor of Mr. Selçuk YAŞAR's transfer of the General Manager seat to STM General Manager Murat İKİNCİ.

In the statement made by Roketsan on the subject, “Selçuk YAŞAR, who has been involved in many successful works that have been a cornerstone for our company since 1988, when Roketsan was founded, and contributed greatly to the development of Roketsan in 2012, we send off to the process.

To Mr. Selçuk YAŞAR; Roketsan, because of labor given to Turkey ROKETSAN families, and we offer our endless thanks.

Roketsan has served as the General Manager for 20 years in the defense industry, has been critical in the completion of many high-level defense projects, including NATO projects, and has been a senior manager at STM since 2008, and since 2018. Mr. Murat İKİNCİ, who successfully carried out the STM General Directorate, takes over.

We wish success to Mr. Murat İKİNCİ in his new position and say “Welcome to the Roketsan family”.

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