Opet Fuchs' New Factory Opens in İzmir Aliağa

opet fuchsun new factory opened in izmir aliagada
opet fuchsun new factory opened in izmir aliagada

Opet Petroleum SA joint venture of Opet Fuchs and Fuchs Petrolub new factories serving the automotive and industrial lubricants in Turkey was opened in Izmir Aliaga district. Opet Fuchs, implemented with an investment of million euros 24 60 thousand tons and annual single shift in Turkey's own factory to mine oil production capacity will operate as one of the most modern lubricant manufacturing plant.

Opet Fuchs, one of the leading brands in the lubricant industry, opened its new factory in Aliağa, İzmir. The opening ceremony of Opet Fuchs Aliağa Production Facility, which was realized with an investment of 24 million euros; OPET Petroleum Inc. Chairman of the Board Fikret Öztürk, Koç Holding Energy Group President Yağız Eyüboğlu, Fuchs Petrolub SE Chairman Stefan Fuchs, OPET Petrolcülük A.Ş. Board Members Nurten Öztürk, Ufuk Öztürk and Filiz Öztürk and Fuchs Petrolub SE European Executive Board Member Ralph Rheinboldt, Fuchs Petrolub SE Vice President Alf Untersteller, OPET Petrolcülük A.Ş. General Manager Cüneyt Ağca and Murat Seyhan, General Manager of Opet Fuchs.

OPET Petroleum Inc. Fikret Öztürk, Chairman of the Board of Directors, stated that he started his business life in the lubricant industry. “Therefore, the importance of the lubricant business in my life is great. Thanks to our partners Koç Holding and Fuchs Petrolub SE, we have succeeded to carry such a challenging and risky business forward in our country. With the new technology that we have realized thanks to the efforts of the dynamic Opet Fuchs team, new achievements are waiting for us both at home and abroad. ”

Yağız Eyüboğlu, President of Koç Holding Energy Group, said that the new factory is the result of the successful cooperation between Koç Holding and OPET Petrol. Eyüboğlu said, “Our new factory will be the backbone of our strategic change. It will bring a new breath to the sector with its doubling capacity and changing product structure. Together with our new factory and our partners, we underline once again the trust we have in both our sector and our country. Kul

Stefan Fuchs, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Fuchs Petrolub SE, said: “Today we have a dream come true. I am very happy and proud to be here to celebrate this important day. Our partnership, which started in 2005, accomplishes in harmony. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Öztürk Family, Koç Group and Opet and Opet Fuchs employees.

Opet Fuchs General Manager Murat Seyhan in his speech at the opening of "work closely with our expert 200 and we serve with our extensive customer network in all of Turkey. We continue our investments with our innovative approach, product quality, expertise, competitive power. We completed our factory in May 2019 and trial production started in July. We have implemented in order to respond to consumers' changing needs and close this factory with Turkey's geography is equipped with the most modern technology of our mine together with one of our olduk.fabrika oil plants while increasing our production capacity, we raise the standards, "he said.

60 thousand tons of lubricant production capacity in one shift per year

Opet Fuchs' new production facility, built in Aliağa, was established on a total area of ​​55 thousand m2. Opet Fuchs has improved the traceability, reproducibility and sustainability of its high quality products to its customers with the new facility which has a production capacity of 60 thousand tons in a single shift per year in a wide range of products including engine oils, industrial oils and lubrication preparations.

In the facility where the most advanced process technologies such as raw material barrel discharge, pig product transfer pipelines, automatic pig manifold are used, the modern automation technology used by Fuchs in newly established factories around the world has been further developed and adapted to production needs.

The products produced in highly automated bottle, can and can filling lines are palletized with the help of robots, while the automatic cartoning machine has a technology that increases the production speed. Barrel and IBC filling lines are designed to reach high capacity. Warehouse stock management automation was commissioned to ensure flawless shipment quality in the warehouse where shelf-to-shelf sprinklers are used to minimize fire-related risks. The administrative building, production building, warehouse building, tank area and auxiliary facilities, consisting of five main sections of the facility to ensure high level of automation in the construction of approximately 300 km. energy and process cables were used. The fire protection system of the new Opet Fuchs lubricant production plant was designed in accordance with the National Fire Protection Directive and NFPA standards.

R & D laboratory equipped with the latest technology

300 Research and Development Laboratory, which provides services with the latest technology laboratory materials and equipment in the field of m2, has the capacity to apply more than 45 test methods with the new technology tester on 100. Product prototypes and verifications are carried out in the laboratory where new product designs and developments are realized in line with customer requests.

Quality Control Laboratory Lube oil laboratory with maximum test approval

The Quality Control Laboratory contributes to customer satisfaction, one of the company's primary goals. The Quality Control Laboratory, which has ISO 17025 approval, supports the equipment and lubricants to work at optimum performance by meeting the demands of analysis after sales, and has the feature of being the lubricant laboratory with the highest Türkak test approval in the sector.

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